The three closest people affect your life

 The three closest people affect your life

Xunzi, persuading learning, wrote:

Pengshengma, do not help from straight, white sand in Nirvana, with the black.

It can be seen that environment is very important to human growth, and even determines a persons life direction.


Go with the best people and be happy if you dont succeed

When working with excellent people, it is often easier to learn valuable qualities and knowledge from them, and to be successful.

Its easier to be positive with good people.

Studies have shown that

Man is the only animal that can accept hints. What are the people around us? What are we?

For example, people who are positive and sunny are more likely to find solutions to problems. So when youre with someone like that, youre also full of positive energy.

So dont be afraid to get along with people who are better than you.

When you are with hardworking people, you will not be slack and degenerate naturally; when you are with the top people in the industry, you will learn the rules of success more easily; when you are with excellent people, you will easily become aggressive and outstanding...

With the wise, the road is wide; with the wise, go further.


See a high praise answer:

When things happen, we can rely on our responsibilities. Credit is always the first.

In the final analysis, there are two words: reliable.

Kant once visited a friend and made an appointment to arrive before 11 oclock that day. In order not to be late, he set out a long time in advance, but unfortunately the road encountered floods, and the bridge on the river was washed down. The river was so deep that Kants carriage could not cross it. The coachman told him that the nearest bridge is six miles from here, and if you detour that bridge, you will be 1.5 hours late. In spite of such force majeure, Kant met with his friends as scheduled. Kant spent a lot of money to buy a shabby house nearby. He took the wood from the house and repaired the broken bridge. The friend who met him at the door said happily, dear friend, you are really punctual! In the days when he met his old friends, Kant did not mention the process of buying a house and tearing down wood to cross the river in order to keep time.

In this matter, Kant said: in my opinion, in a certain sense, it can be said that punctuality is the greatest politeness for both old friends and strangers.

Therefore, the strength of ability, the amount of wealth, the level of intelligence and so on are not necessarily the most important standards to measure people. Only when you live with reliable people can you find peace of mind.

When you are down, he will always help you; when you are framed, he will always trust your one; when you encounter an emergency, he will surely accompany you to bear it.

Do what you say, and do what you do. Change your heart, and you will be rewarded.

There is a long-standing saying on the Internet:

In the adult world, peoples hearts are unfathomable. Its not easy to meet a reliable friend. If you are lucky to be with them, you must cherish them.


The best way to keep healthy is to be with comfortable people

Get along well, because we know each other.

Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu are famous literary couples. They know each other and love each other for several years. Once, Yang Jiang wrote a letter to Qian Zhongshu with only one word on it: advice. I believe that such a letter, whoever receives it, will not feel well. But knowing Yang Jiangs Qian Zhongshu, he quickly replied to Yang Jiangs letter, which also contained only one word: you. After receiving Qian Zhongshus reply, Yang Jiang immediately understood his intention, even moved to tears for their hearts. So what does it mean to be called the shortest love letter in history? It turns out that Yang Jiangs advice means to ask Qian Zhongshu how many people are there in his heart. Qian Zhongshus word you means that you are the only one in his heart.

In feelings, meeting and acquaintance are never a problem. The question is whether we can know each other and understand each other.

The most comfortable relationship between people is to appreciate each others good and understand each others suffering.

As the hedgehogs grace says:

We are all lonely hedgehogs. Only people with the same frequency can see the unknown elegance in each others hearts.

People come and go in life, but you always meet someone who understands you, understands your insincerity, understands your joys and sorrows.

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