Boyfriend is getting worse after falling in love

 Boyfriend is getting worse after falling in love

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Dont love, you and I breathe the same oxygen is wrong, break up.

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There was no contradiction in each day. One night, suddenly, we are not suitable! Dont forget to issue a good man card and say, if you are a wife, you are a good choice, but its not suitable for me! You cant hold me down!

OK, fine! I have nothing to say! Thank you!

The reason why we broke up may be really wonderful. His parents asked me to have dinner and prepare to go home after dinner. When his parents suddenly asked about the marriage, I said I didnt think about it. Then his sister said how I played with my feelings and told me not to think that he could not leave me, but also because I didnt go home to accompany my parents (I never asked him for anything material before, and I always advised him He accompanies his parents more. He doesnt want to go back because his elder sister has a broken mouth.

I was so angry that I stood up to say hello to his parents and opened the door. His elder sister added a sentence in the back: no delivery! He called me that night, and then he didnt think his sister was too much. I talked about it and said it.

He didnt come to me for the next five days. I gave up, said goodbye, and he agreed. Later, he didnt take the initiative to find me. I sent him a message on my birthday night, saying that he was too cruel. Although I said a lot, I also said that I would wait for him to come to me, but I didnt come after all. Three months, although I still cant put it down, I will feel heartache, but I have no expectation.

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His mother always thought that I was all sorts of bad. The reason for breaking up at last was that I was strong and afraid that his son would be wronged. Ma Baonan really couldnt ask for it.

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It was my last relationship, and it was also my first love. It was a year and a half when I was separated, separated and combined. He majored in clinical medicine. He was about to graduate and take the postgraduate entrance examination in World War II. In May, he didnt answer the phone for 10 days. The reason for breaking up later was that he said, I dont want to be influenced by other things in this half year, so I will try my best to review.

Although its a very unreasonable reason, I hope he can get into the ideal school and major in the early test of December this year.

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Not to the point of birth. A mother knows that her daughter is in love, and only knows the boys zodiac, she hears the fortuneteller casually say that your daughter and his boyfriends zodiac cant get married. Her mother went about all kinds of threats and lures.

In the end, the two young people left a thorn in their heart because they were separated from each other.

Although what the fortune teller said is not the most subjective reason for breaking up, I still think its ridiculous and sad in retrospect...

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But vaguely remember, he and I said that he was not ready to fall in love. If I didnt promise that day, he wouldnt talk. He felt that he was clearly broken.

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He: lets break up I: why he: when school starts, we will be together I:... Its nine years ago.


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When it came time to talk about marriage, the parents also saw him. He said that calming down felt that our personalities were not suitable.

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In the second year of the relationship with him, he took him back to see my parents in the Mid Autumn Festival. Naturally, my parents were very happy. During his chat with my mother, my mother said that. My brother-in-law also brought gifts from the Mid Autumn Festival two days ago. The moon cakes were very high-end. He remembered this sentence for 12 years, saying that my mother looked down on him, despised his shopping, hated two old people for 12 years, and took them every new year. This matter and I quarrel, usually remember to use this matter and I quarrel, finally, in the 12th year, I proposed to break up, the reason is to hate my family, I cant adjust your mentality, then forget it, I let go, let you go to a happy life.

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Honey, Ive cut my hair short and break up ? You dont look like her with a short haircut

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I was found by the teacher and had to break up.

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I refused to have sex or touch because I was not feeling well. Just broke up with me.


Mingming says its you who are compounded. Mingming said its you who will be good to me when I met last time. Mingming said its you who met. How can I say its you who are bothered now? In October, we can read our chat records in a few hours; in October, we met only once; in October, we broke up again. You dont come back, Im afraid Ill be soft hearted, a little later, Ill be willing to delete you. For the rest of my life, Ill be all right, Mr. Liu.

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I broke up a few days after I went to bed, and said to me, you are very good, I am not worthy of you. You know what youre going to do with me?

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You were his wife and wife one second ago, and then you were separated one second later, so I hate that night, there will be a lot of tears.

My mother doesnt think you have a stable job, so we are not suitable.

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When you kissed me, my tongue hurt too much.

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The most amazing reason is that my predecessor asked me to get back together.

Im going to get married soon. The mother of the other side says its not right.

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At that time, I gave him the reason to break up. He was 18 years old and I was 22 years old. I was afraid that he would not marry me when he grew up, so I broke up.

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His mother said that I dont eat rice, bad temper, so to break up.

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He didnt take me home because he was afraid that his mother would like me too much and asked him to get married quickly, so we broke up.

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Hes a rat. Im a rabbit. His mother said that the rat and the rabbit are mutually exclusive. She said that we are not suitable.

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Because I squeezed the back of the toothpaste, and she squeezed the middle.


Some people say that there is no unreasonable reason for breaking up. They can only say that he doesnt love you so much, maybe he already likes others, or he thinks you are really not suitable...

So, since the other side has put forward such nonsense reasons for breaking up, all you have to do is not to hold back, head also does not return to stride forward.