The post-90s feel old. These 90 year olds are still learning, pursuing dreams and being themselves in 996.

 The post-90s feel old. These 90 year olds are still learning, pursuing dreams and being themselves in 996.

Author: Wen Qijun source: Fang dushe520

As long as we know a little about the old mans life, we can know how worthy he is of this honor. Yuan Longping was born on September 7, 1930. As early as in the school age, Yuan Longping witnessed the famine and disaster. At that time, he set up a lifelong ambition: to solve the food security problem of the Chinese people. In 1961, Yuan Longping began to study rice hybrid technology. At that time, the international community did not recognize hybrid rice, but also put it out: rice has no hybrid advantage, this road is impassable. But yuan didnt give up. If foreigners dont succeed, the Chinese wont necessarily fail, he said. It took him 34 years to observe hundreds of thousands of rice plants before he found two hybrid rice plants. Then he spent another nine years to successfully develop a three-line hybrid rice matching method, which achieved a historic breakthrough in hybrid rice and was honored as the father of hybrid rice. In the 1990s, American economist Brown asked the world, who can support China? Yuan Longping, who is in his 60s, has given the answer with practical actions: the Chinese themselves. He raised the yield of rice per mu from 600kg to 700kg, 900kg and 1100kg. Far behind the rest of the world, it has set world records again and again. In 2016, Yuan Longping, 86, turned waste into a treasure, allowing rice to grow in the salt and alkali land where grass did not grow. In 2018, Yuan Longping, 88, planted rice in the desert of Dubai, becoming the first successful case in the world. The old man has done many things that seem difficult to get to the blue sky. Yuan Longping is not only the father of hybrid rice, but also a modern Shennong. In an interview with the program, Yuan Longping once talked about his feelings about the era of famine:

Reporter: are you particularly afraid of such a scene again? He replied: no way.

This impossible is the best gift that the old people give to the Chinese, even to the whole world. In 2018, Yuan Longping fed 800 million people with hybrid rice technology. Yuan Longping has made great contributions to the country and society. He has a long history of great value. However, he still wears dozens of Yuans clothes, ties and ordinary houses. He said: the name of the father of hybrid rice, or the scientific award, is not important. My first thought is that I have won honor and dignity for the Chinese people. Now, Yuan Longping is 90 years old, but he didnt stop there. He said that he had two dreams: the first is the dream of enjoying the cool under the grass: rice should be high-yield and high-yield, and rice is as high as sorghum, so you can sit under rice to enjoy the cool. The second is the global dream of hybrid rice coverage: to develop hybrid rice on a global scale for the benefit of the people of the world.

For these two dreams, he is still struggling, learning and growing at the age of 90. He still went to the office every day to observe the growth of rice in the experimental field.

A few days ago, a video of his interview in English was released on the Internet. The netizens knew that he was still trying to learn English. They all said with shame: much better than my English! It doesnt matter if Im old. I havent got dementia yet. Im going to sprint to 1300 kg per mu. My biggest wish is that we Chinese should firmly grasp the job. The reporter once asked him: you are 90 years old. Have you ever thought about retiring? Mr. Yuan replied: if I am in good health, I will not retire. Unless I cant see and walk, Ill keep working. This is the hard core post-90s Yuan Longping: even if you are 90 years old, you have to keep going and never stop fighting.

The 30-year-old Kusama, who is still working at the age of 0290, said that he was not creative. On October 21, 2017, in Los Angeles, the United States, people lined up in front of the broad Museum, and the people in line circled the museum. There are more and more people. It will take at least three hours for the people behind to enter the building. These people are all here to see the exhibition. The author of the exhibition is the 90 year old national treasure level artist of Japan, Queen of Bo dot Kusama. Her works have been snapped up all over the world. A painting can be sold for 1.6 million dollars. She is one of the most expensive painters in the world.

u25b3 the above works are all works of infinite mirror house by Miyoshi Kusama.

u25b3 celebrities are also flocking to her exhibition. The picture shows Trumps daughter Ivanka at the Kusama solo exhibition. Kusama was born in Nagano, Japan in 1929. Her family was very unhappy, which left a deep shadow of her childhood. In 1958, with the help of an American painter, Kusama went to the United States for development. With just one paintbrush, she has never had anything. She has been fighting for 20 years in the United States, and finally she has made her mark. In 1978, Kusama, who had been awarded the title of avant-garde Queen, returned to Japan. People thought she had retired, but they didnt expect her to keep writing. For 40 years, she has lived in a sanatorium and opened a studio near the sanatorium. She lives a two-point and one-line life. In addition to creation, she still creates. My passion for creation is stronger than ever in my life... It can be said that every day I risk my life to create. In 2016, the 87 year old Kusama was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by time. In 2017, at the age of 88, she held the biggest solo exhibition of her art career in Tokyo. In 2018, nearly 90 years old, she published the biographical documentary life in the grass - limitless. Even if she was in a wheelchair, she could not stop her from continuing to create. In 2019, Kusama held a solo exhibition in Shanghai, more than 40 of which were newly created by her.

Now, Caojian is 90 years old, and she still insists on creating. Even if everyone thought it was time for her to rest, she was reluctant to put down her brush. In the world of grass, life has no limit. She has endless creation, which has nothing to do with age. She went to the studio at 9:30 every morning to draw. After lunch, she continued to draw until dark. After returning to the sanatorium in the evening, I began to read books, such as society, news, current affairs and cosmology. Sometimes when I am excited, I can see two or three points. When I wake up the next day, I still create as usual, just like the young people.

She is still fighting with time, as stubborn as grass: I dont want others to think that I am old and cant walk. I have to keep going. We have to create, we have to create, we have to create, she repeated in the interview. What does 90 matter? If you want to continue to create, you are still as energetic as you were when you were young. She proved one thing to the world with her actions: creativity and enthusiasm, never related to age.

On October 9, 2019, the Nobel Prize for chemistry was announced. Gudinav, 97, became the oldest Nobel Prize winner in history for his contribution to lithium batteries. Goodinaf, who is affectionately called good enough grandpa by netizens, has a hard core experience in his life. In 1922, he was born into a wealthy family, but the family was very unhappy. On the eve of college entrance examination, parents divorced. He was still under great pressure to enter Yale. At the University, goodenaf studied a lot of subjects: classical literature, philosophy, mathematics, physics. In order to collect credits, I also took two chemistry courses. In 1976, he went to Oxford University and began to turn his research field to batteries. That year, he was 54 years old.

At the age of 57, he found the lithium cobaltic material. This is a kind of electrode material with high safety factor. It was because of his new discovery that Sony was able to develop a new rechargeable lithium battery, which became the industry leader. At the age of 64, because of Oxford Universitys management system of 65 must retire, goodenaf left Oxford and moved to Texas, turning to another material. At the age of 75, goodenaf developed lithium iron phosphate, becoming the father of lithium-ion batteries. However, all of this is still not good enough for good enough Grandpa: the battery is still unstable and still brings many obstacles. At 90, he began to study another innovation that could change the world - all solid state batteries. At 97, he won the Nobel Prize and became the oldest Nobel laureate ever.

57 years old, lithium cobaltic. 75 years old, lithium iron phosphate. 90 years old, all solid state battery. Without him, every cell phone we are using now is a time bomb. He once said: some of us are like tortoises, walking slowly, struggling all the way... But the tortoise knew that he had to go down. Good enough for Grandpa, just like the battery he studied, its super long standby and full of energy. Today, gudinav, 97, is still a workaholic in the research community. According to media reports, he is still working around 7 a.m. on weekdays and working at home for a day and a half on weekends. Now his research focus is on solid-state battery, the cutting-edge field of lithium battery. Although his new research is still in its infancy, gudinav is full of confidence in this direction. He said his secret to success was to live long enough to retire later.

When is the best age for us to learn a skill? If I can answer without hesitation, my answer should be: when I was a teenager, I just went to college. Xiben said: 72 years old. Xibeons grandmother is ximeizi xibeon. She is an avant-garde photographer, 90 years old. She is known as the self portrait Queen in Japan. At the age of 72, Seaborn first touched the camera. At the age of 74, she began to learn computer. At the age of 80, she learned computer post production and even set up her own website. When she began to learn photography, she took still life. Later, her son suggested that she take a selfie, and she would open her brain, COSPLAY the bear, pretend to be abused, and speed... Old grandma Xiben started the funny mode of zihi. She couldnt stop playing. Lets enjoy this grandmas works:

u25b3 hang yourself on the pole

u25b3 wrap yourself in a plastic bag

u25b3 pretending to be a flying old lady

u25b3 magician transformation

u25b3 transform into Grandma bear

u25b3 race with car

u25b3 performing the porcelain party

u25b3 ouch, I hit a big iron catalpa on my head!

Good looking beauties are the same, and interesting grandma is one in a million. No wonder grandma Xiben can circle the powder so much. Because the photos are so lifelike, she has also been on social news similar to the elderly are abused in Japan, which caused netizens uproar. Her works won four consecutive awards at the art exhibition of Kumamoto County, and the offline photography exhibition attracted more than 16000 people. In 2016, at the age of 88, she published her first collection of photographs, which became a bestseller as soon as it was launched. In 2017, at the age of 89, she was invited by Adobe, one of the worlds top 500 companies, to become Adobes New Year greeting card art director. Now grandma Xiben is 91 years old, she is still shooting. She said: as long as I live, I will continue to photograph! It doesnt matter if Im being laughed at. I just want to take some fun photos. Looking at the pictures she took, I have to admire her mentality. At this age, few people have the same strong curiosity and curiosity as her. Grandma Xiben said that learning the process of taking photos has made her life 100 times happier than before. There is a saying: some people die when they are 25, and they dont bury until they are 80. This sentence has been said to the rotten street, but it still hasnt awakened the so-called young people. Some people are young and have already lived in old age. At the age of 72, grandma Xiben began the second spring of her life. Xibens son said that the most precious thing he learned from his mother was: never lose the courage to try new things no matter what you do, never give up what you really believe in. When netizens saw the story of Xiben grandma, they were deeply touched: it was Xiben grandma who made me realize that I was only 30 years old. I should not close myself, live like an old man. I need to take the initiative to discover the splendor of the outside world, to find the fun beyond the routine life with my heart, and there will always be different stories.

As grandma Xiben often said, age is just a number. Its not about age. You can be anyone you want to be. Its nothing to do with age. Its only about mentality and courage. Its not too late when life starts. Weve all heard that, but few people are really practicing it. People often say, well, I knew how I had been! I like xxxxx, but its too late to start now. Im 30 years old. Do you have time to struggle? How old am I? Whats my interest? I have no hope of my own. Let me put all my hope on the children. Most of the people who say these words are only in their twenties and thirties. But look at the above 90 year olds. Whats the reason for our young people to lose? How can we say that we dont have time to do what we want to do? As long as you do not lose the courage to try, as long as your heart is still young, there is time in life, there is nothing impossible.


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