Sara Legge, a British Thai hybrid, wears Thai in fashion. If you want to be beautiful, you can learn from her.~

 Sara Legge, a British Thai hybrid, wears Thai in fashion. If you want to be beautiful, you can learn from her.~

At first glance, I think she is a little similar to Mai davika. The difference is that Mai davika looks more elegant, and Sara Legge has more profound features.

Looking at her INS, I know that Sara Legge, 35, is married! She and her husband, msuebsakul, have been dating for more than ten years.

Seriously, this seemingly simple wedding dress still looks like a fairy on her.

As an actress, Sara Legges acting skills are also quite good. The seemingly sweet girl did not expect to play a sly, jealous and heavy princess in Princess romance.

In addition, the tall Sara Legge also spans the entertainment and fashion circles and is often invited to show for major brands in Thailand.

Look at the momentum and steps, not lose to the professional models.

In addition, Sara Legges private wear is also very fashionable. European and American simple style and Thai romantic style can be found in her modeling u25bc

As you can see, Sara Legge is also slowly exploring her own style u25bc from dress around celebrities to modern fashionistas.

So we dont have to worry that we dont have a half blood face. We can shape ourselves better by wearing it. Today, Miss Sara Legge is going to show you a good Thai dress, lets go

//Simple black and white interpretation is effortless and fashionable / / black and white color often appears in her dressing, which can be used as a reference for daily dressing.

Its an atmospheric but comfortable shape, with good texture. It can be worn for shopping or work.

Its a little difficult for a white dress to be colorful, while the irregular cut style looks fresh and fashionable u25bc

Ordinary white trousers + Ruffle Top are not so thin. You can go on holiday with straw hat and straw bag.

There is more sweetness in matching with the painters hat. This look is just beautiful.

Its necessary to wear a backless dress to get down to the body, but the large backless dress is quite selective for people to wear. The design of the right V-neck will be relatively easy to wear.

The slim white suit can highlight the figure curve. The overall feeling is two words: comfortable

//In this way, you can get one meter eight gas fields//

More items in Sara Legges wardrobe are suits. Proper suit control

Mix pink and bowknot into the shape of the suit, not only keep the handsome, but also have a little feminine u25bc

Suit skirt + sunglasses is a very simple dress, mainly by body movements to create a uninhibited fashion

Its cool to wear leather with white T-shirt. You wont lose your momentum when you go out to play and wear flat shoes.

When taking photos, the cowboy coat can be put on, which is a little more small than normal.

The serious black trousers and the foam sleeve top are active immediately, and they can cover the flesh of the arm.

//Flowers can also chic up//

The clothes with broken flower and old flower pattern can be matched with other black items, and the skin will not be dull if exposed properly.

Its very complicated to see the broken flowers. Its recommended to choose the slit skirt to show the long legs. Its very provocative.

Polka Dot + Ruffle Dress is easy to control. Its not sharp with white boots, but its powerful.

This look is suitable for both picnic and body bending.

The old flower pattern top can be matched with black trousers, which is not serious and interesting as a whole. Sara Legges careful machine is to use v-mouth shoes to extend the leg line.

//These eye-catching accessories are indispensable//

White clothing with cats Eye Sunglasses will not give you a sense of distance, but it can also exude a flirtatious temperament.

Recently, the popular flat glasses are also equipped with sharp tools, which can make the whole person look more elegant.

Wear the metal earrings that are not pompous but can add points to the modeling, and you wont let look peaceful.

Earrings like waterfalls are soft and powerful. They can be used for commuting and party occasions.

This kind of Large Earring has a Thai feel, but it needs to be matched with good quality clothing, otherwise it is easy to feel cheap.