Wear these five boots in 2019, fashionable all autumn and winter

 Wear these five boots in 2019, fashionable all autumn and winter

Jiang Shuyings temperament has always been very pure. The T-shirt in the knitted skirt of the lotus vest is particularly novel and charming. At last, the middle and high boots add strength to the overall shape, but they are rigid and soft.

If you like a woman with cool personality, you may as well imitate song Yanfeis dress. Dont miss the work clothes and boots this year. She is cool and has street style.

Liu Wen chose a classic color, white sweater + red pants + flat shoes, which made the daily dress more fashionable, and ordinary single products can also show an extraordinary aura.

Qiwei, a fashionable and hot mother, first wore a T-shirt with a small high collar, which was distinctive and bright. Jeans and boots gave her more sense of leisure and a more fashionable look.

How to choose boots?

Flat Boots

Flat bottom boots are the first strong recommendation. They are not only comfortable and versatile, but also fashionable. The design style is simple and atmospheric.

Glossy boots and smooth line design, give more lightness, match with the patchwork dress, not too single and boring.

Such versatile boots and retro plaid skirts can complement each other. There is white between skirts and boots, which creates a sense of fashion hierarchy.

The collision of different materials will bring special surprises, such as satin skirts and boots, which can be salt and sweet, and absorb countless fine.

The whole suit suit suit to pointy boots will only make you handsome and thin. Its really cool.

High heel boots

What about boots with high heels in autumn and winter? Once you wear it, you will have elegant temperament. It will also make your legs more slender and charming, and the whole shape more exquisite.

The word class boots are full of artistic atmosphere, but also a kind of visual sense that people can never forget, and a careful machine to increase the return rate.

Martin boots

Martin boots are a little bit rough, but they have a particularly striking appearance. They are stable and easy to wear. Many fashionable people love them. They can easily have a full sense of fashion by wearing skirts or pants.

The printed skirt is obviously too sweet and greasy, while the hard boots can reduce the excessive elegance of the printing, and the beauty between them, more in line with the current trend.

The bulky Martin boots have their own free and uninhibited accent, and if they are matched with daily jeans, they will have a more autumn and winter flavor.

Why not match the Martin boots with the suit? Its formal and stylish. This kind of mix and match can show the taste of dressing.

I really think that a pair of Martin boots can bring different styles. It seems that it can also touch the elegant and noble atmosphere. It is full of neutral style.

Wearing boots and exposed socks is a method that many fashionable people will choose. Its worth learning to wear them in autumn and winter.

Stocking boots

In this season, use the purple socks and boots to knit the skirt, so that you can show your tenderness and be very discerning.

For the girl who pays more attention to details, you can choose the elegant pleated skirt, while the design of the boots is just at the ankle, so the invisible blind method is thin and high.

The irregular skirt itself is very attractive, and the dark socks and boots look very light and not fat.

No matter near or far, the close fitting socks and boots really have temperament. Even if they wear formal clothes, they dont have stage fright at all.

Animal boots

Snake pattern boots are a bit heavy to listen to. It can be seen in street photography with a very high rate. As long as it exists, you can feel a strong aura instantly.

Like the snake pattern boots, they really look bold and wild. If you dislike the women who are not outstanding enough, you may as well take the snake pattern boots. They are fashionable enough without pressure.

It seems that there are snake shaped boots with or without texture, with a low-key atmosphere and a relatively unappealing female, you can start with them.

From the perspective of collocation, looking for a shoe with similar snake pattern will not show that the snake pattern is too obvious, and the sense of harmony will be stronger naturally.

About how to build boots?

+ windbreaker

Windbreaker is the home of autumn, and boots are necessary for winter. Such a combination is not only beautiful, but also warm, and can improve the atmosphere and temperament.

The overcoat is light, ripe and gentle, with small black pants inside. Its thin and strong enough, while the white boots are simple and generous, and they dont pick people. They are a little more intelligent and capable.

In addition to the windbreaker, if you want A-line skirt inside, you can choose high boots, which are soft and warm, but also hide the full lazy wind, decorate your body and reduce the burden.

Once the windbreaker is in light color, it is more stable with black boots, and the combination of light and dark is the hard truth.

Boots and trousers are the most basic. When wearing boots and trousers, it will show the embarrassment of short legs. As long as you pay attention to some details, you can stretch long legs and make them slim without mistakes.

The white cropped trousers are fresh and pure, the boots are all exposed, and the overall invisibility is increased a lot.

In the suit more match boots, simple and neat do not show fat, the street more chic.

Is the one-piece overalls not fashionable enough? A pair of socks and boots are ready for you. Its sassy and beautiful. Its so cool.

+ skirt

Its relatively simple to build a skirt, because the skirt itself has the effect of covering the flesh. It seems that it doesnt match, but it has a fancy fashion visual enjoyment when its built together.

Cut a knife in the skirt, improve the temperament by three points. The collision of sexy split skirt and boots adds enough femininity.

Gorgeous and with its own high-grade velvet skirt, you can wear a grand show without decoration, super stylish.