These three bags are in fashion this autumn!

 These three bags are in fashion this autumn!

Its time to buy a new bag!

So, Liya is here today to talk with fairies about those bags that are suitable for autumn and winter, and immediately start our all inclusive treatment journey!

Although this years armpit bag is hot, but the style is more mature, and has a strong sense of distance to the student party, but the accordion bag is different, classic and practical, and can hold various occasions.

The wine red accordion bag is more feminine. It matches with the black suit in a low-key and generous way. Its very easy to wear and has an unconventional beauty.

The postmans bag style is more playful, reducing the age. It uses the full personality of the sweater to create the missing lower garment. With the back method of the messenger, it has a style.

Compared with other color systems, the white style bag weakens the heavy feeling of autumn and winter, and is more light. Its very charming with the Morandi color coat and a little formality in leisure.

The classic black style is really great and versatile. It blends with all kinds of different styles of look just right. The simple collocation of black and white gives full marks for its high quality.

The braided shoulder strap is dynamic and fashionable. It collides with the striking leather body. Its very age reducing and dynamic. Its perfect to highlight the key point of wearing with a simple basic look.

Piggyback belongs to one of the classic saddle bags, with round outline, classic lines and eye-catching buckle. It can definitely make you have a good temperament in winter with overcoat.

Give new elements to the black basic piggy pack, add more details, the existence of the metal ring is simple and low-key, but greatly improve the fashion index.

The milk tea colored piggy bag is elegant and generous. It matches the soft sweater. It comes with its own autumn filter. It has a small fresh style.

Mango yellow Mohair T-shirt is sweet, soft and waxy, and very white. Its a bright presence on the street. Its very suitable for autumn and winter with jeans and double layer piggy bags. Its simple and unconventional.

Oatmeal color overcoat with low-key and steady beauty, suitable for light and mature route, very expensive, the same color bag continues the overall sense of temperament, simple and eye-catching.

Bucket bag is also a classic bag in autumn and winter. Liya likes it very much. Its classic and versatile, and its very practical. The big or small bag can be matched with different looks and chic.

Nabis Mei red bucket bag is eye-catching, with rivet elements and cartoon doll embellishment, soft and cute with a little cool, very personal.

The combination of bucket bag and windbreaker can be called Wang fried CP in autumn and winter. The color collision between geese yellow and bright orange is also very interesting, bright but not abrupt, and the color matching is very harmonious.

The brown style bucket bag comes with a retro accent and doesnt need too much decoration.

The light color bag can weaken the heavy feeling of autumn and winter, at the same time, it can

Add highlight to the overall shape

The fairies have to pick it up. Its really good-looking. The only drawback may be that they cant bear dirt.

Which of the three bags that Liya shared today did the fairies pick? In order to match our beautiful look in autumn and winter, its time to change bags