The picture is exposed! The U.S. Department of defense released the image of the raid on Baghdad

 The picture is exposed! The U.S. Department of defense released the image of the raid on Baghdad

Overseas network, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) - on Oct. 30 local time, the US Department of defense released the first videos and photos of the raid on the operation of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the leader of the extremist organization Islamic state (is).

According to CNN, Huffington Post and other media reports, Frank McKenzie, commander of the U.S. central command, released some decrypted videos and photos of the U.S. attack on Baghdad Di at a briefing held at the Pentagon on the 30th. Video shows the U.S. military carried out a two-hour attack near Baghdad Dis residence. As we approached Baghdad, US F-15 and MQ-9 Reaper drones launched air strikes.

The US Department of defense released videos and photos of the raid on Baghdad. (source: CNN)

According to McKenzie, two militants opened fire on the US aircraft involved in the attack near Baghdad Dis residence. Before the US captured Baghdad Di, the other side detonated explosive vests and died, killing two children at the same time. After Baghdad Dis suicide, the U.S. military conducted DNA tests to confirm its identity after comparing it with samples obtained during the detention of Baghdad Di in Iraq in 2004. Within 24 hours after the death of Baghdadi, the U.S. military disposed of the body of Baghdadi in the form of a sea burial in accordance with the law of armed conflict.

McKenzie also stressed that he could not confirm whether Baghdad Di screamed and cried at the last moment of his life, as president trump described it in a recent television address.

McKenzie also revealed that during the operation, a U.S. military dog was injured in contact with a cable during the pursuit of Baghdad di. He said the dog, who has served in the special forces for four years and participated in about 50 missions, is an important member of the force. Before that, trump released the photo of the dog on social media, and praised it for its great contribution to the operation.

The US Department of defense released videos and photos of the raid on Baghdad. (source: CNN)

Trump said in a speech on the morning of the 27th EST that US special forces launched a dangerous and bold night raid in Northwest Syria on the night of the 26th. Eight U.S. helicopters (mainly CH-47 nukan helicopters) took off from a military base near Iraqs Erbil, continued to fly at low altitude and speed to avoid detection, and finally reached northwest Syria. Helicopters and other fighters began firing at a building to provide cover for U.S. delta Special Forces commandos.

Trump said in his speech that Baghdadi, who was chased by the U.S. Army, was out of control and screamed and cried. He dragged three children into the tunnel and tried to escape until the chased military dog was blocked at the end of the tunnel. Desperate Baghdad Di detonated his vest, killing himself and his family, and the tunnel collapsed.

However, in response to trumps previous statement, Konashenkov, spokesman of the Russian Ministry of defense, previously stated that the Russian military side did not have reliable information about Baghdad Dis death in the US military operation, and doubted the credibility of the operation. A senior U.N. official also said that although the U.S. president has full confidence in Baghdad Dis death, due to the lack of evidence, the U.N. is still unable to confirm the death of the Islamic state leader. Trump announced on the 28th that it may release some videos of the raid to the public.

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