Turkey: Syrian Kurdish forces have not completed their withdrawal

 Turkey: Syrian Kurdish forces have not completed their withdrawal

Russias defense ministry announced Thursday that Syrian Kurdish forces had withdrawn to a 30 km area south of the Turkish Syrian border before the expiration of the 150 hour deadline for withdrawal. However, on the 30th, Turkey said that at present, the Kurdish armed peoples protection force in northern Syria has not completed its withdrawal.

Turkey said Wednesday that according to Turkish intelligence, the withdrawal of Syrian Kurdish forces has not been completed. Turkey will continue to observe and share the information with Russia. Turkey has threatened to expand the scope of the security zone in northern Syria and possibly resume military operations against northern Syria if Kurdish forces are found to continue to stay in the area required for evacuation or to launch attacks against Turkey.

Turkey and Russia will jointly patrol northeast Syria from November 1

In addition, the Turkish side also said that Turkish and Russian troops will start joint patrols in Northeast Syria on Friday, November 1. On the 29th, Russian Defense Minister sauigu announced that Syrian Kurdish forces had completed the evacuation ahead of time, and the Syrian border forces and Russian military police then entered the relevant areas.

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