Japan prioritizes the deployment of upgraded patriot 3 missiles in the capital circle

 Japan prioritizes the deployment of upgraded patriot 3 missiles in the capital circle

[global network military report] according to Kyodo News Agency on October 31, Japans Ministry of defense has launched research on the improved PAC-3, a ground-to-air interceptor missile planned to be introduced into the air self defense force. It is planned to give priority to the deployment of the missile in the capital circle before the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games in late July 2020.

According to the report, Patriot 3 (PAC-3) improved deployment is expected to be implemented from April to July of that year, which was disclosed by several Japanese Defense Ministry sources on the 30th. In order to take all-round measures to prevent unidentified aircraft and drones from carrying out terrorist attacks and improve air defense capabilities in the Japanese capital circle, the capital circle will be deployed before other regions.

Air defense interception system of Patriot 3 equipped by Japan Self Defense Force

The improved PAC-3 is called pac-3mse, which improves the radar and transmitter of PAC-3 and improves its performance. The priority deployment target is the 1st anti-aircraft group which shoulders the air defense task of the capital circle. It has 4 troops in Xi Zhiye sub base (Chiba county), Wushan sub base (Kanagawa county), Xiapu sub base (Ibaraki county) and Jinjian base (Saitama county).

According to the report, the practice of deploying missiles in line with the Olympic Games had a precedent at the 2012 London Olympic Games. As a counter-terrorism countermeasure, the British Ministry of defense has set up ground-to-air missiles near the main venue.

Patriot 3 is a land-based missile that can be moved by vehicle borne launchers. If the SDF aegis fails to shoot down ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere, it will be responsible for intercepting the re-entry missiles before they fall into Japan.

The intercepting radius of Patriot 3 is tens of kilometers, and the short range has become a major problem. The range and intercept altitude of the improved patriot 3 are increased to about twice the original, and smaller missiles can be detected by radar. It will also improve the ability of [the self defense forces] to deal with cruise missiles flying at low altitude, Japanese air force officials stressed.

Japans defense ministry plans to upgrade the PAC-3 equipped by various units from the first anti-aircraft group to the improved type by 2022. Relevant expenses have been included in the budget application for 2020.

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