He said that its right to be cruel to himself!

 He said that its right to be cruel to himself!

Netizens and fans left messages, lamented his dedication and cheered him on.

How dedicated is Dujiang? First, I went to the decisive moment to participate in the battle of crossing the river, then to my motherland and I to raise the five-star red flag, take Hong Kong home, and then go against the wind. After the addiction of China captain, I went through the growth process of new China properly. This years national day, the box office of individual films has exceeded 10 billion yuan, and the exquisite acting skills have been recognized by the whole people and become the most eye-catching darling.

Many people say its not like Dujiang before.

In the past, Dujiang, a modern city idol drama, performed the little love in prosperous Changping. Its enough to live, but its easy to see, because there are always new idol dramas that attract your attention. So although Dujiang at that time has successfully created some distinct roles, everyone is familiar with her, but because he is Huo Siyans husband, hums father.

The turning point came in 2018, when the Red Sea action was released, there was Xu Hong, the blaster of Jiaolong commando. He was good at blasting, knew how to shoot, could dismantle bullets, could drive tanks to rush into sandstorms, could dismantle human bombs at the critical moment, was pierced by bullets, broke his fingers, was stabbed all over his body, but he still risked his life to kill and bite the enemy. Jingroutiao, a thousand times back, for his pain, for his shock.

After watching the film, many people were shocked: God, that Xu Hong was actually played by Du Jiang!

No one can believe that this muscular tough guy is Du Jiang, who has a pretty face before. It can make people forget who you are. Its the highest evaluation for the actors. Therefore, Du Jiang won the best supporting actor of the 34th popular movie Hundred Flowers Award.

Since then, Dujiang, who has found the right way to play, specializes in the hardest and most tired role of the tough guy, and starts to hang all the way.

He plays the role of a soldier, and the role of the blaster in action in the Red Sea is what he actively strives for from the director. Everyone says that he is handsome. He refuses to let himself be handsome, and dehydration devil training can quickly reduce weight and fat. Boiled broccoli and chicken breast is a luxury. Most of the time, put a handful of salt in your mouth, drink a mouthful of water, and tell yourself that you are full, and then carry out high-intensity training, just to practice the body fat rate to 6%. Whats more, he devoted himself to hysteria when he was shooting in the desert. He always thought that he was in the battlefield and didnt know whether the bullet would penetrate his chest in the next second. We saw all the pain he experienced on the screen. In the dead of night after work, it turned into nightmares and besieged him again and again.

After performing the film, Du Jiang is going crazy, but Xu Hong is acted alive.

Some time ago, the behind the scenes documentary film my motherland and I was launched. Its said that Du Jiang went to the army for military training after suffering from hardship. Netizens were all gossiping around. In the high temperature of 38 degrees, all basic military training will be arranged, such as changing military uniform, standing in the military posture, practicing the right steps and learning to raise the flag. How are you standing? The bottom of the feet is padded with bricks, the back is inserted with boards, and poker is sandwiched between the palms and legs. In less than a moment, the whole body is soaked. Is the national flag up well? Repeat training again and again, until the formation of muscle memory, not less than a second, it is considered to pass.

Netizens are shocked. Is Dujiang the devil? Yes, he is the devil, so he acted as the flag lifter.

He plays a fire fighter. In hero of fire, three full-bodied crying scenes appear in hot search. Everyone who has seen the film remembers that he is covered with dirt. Facing the relics of his comrades, he chews the chicken leg and bears the tears, but the tears still fall involuntarily. The strength and softness of the soldiers gathered at that moment, which made people feel heartache.

He played the role of civil aviation captain, especially received three months of professional training when filming China captain. From the first time when he entered the simulation cabin, he was frightened by the dense buttons, to the first time when he used to check whether all buttons were normal after entering the cabin, he cultivated the consciousness of being a professional pilot, mastered every flight step skillfully, and had the second captain on the screen who came to the cockpit with all his strength and against the wind to protect his colleagues.

With the success of transformation and the three films dominating the National Day archives, Du Jiang relies not on the opportunity and luck, but on the steady professionalism over the years. Although he is not popular, he always takes every work seriously, and finally has accumulated a lot. With several high-profile theme films, he has achieved a leap in his acting career.

The love between Du Jiang and Huo Siyan is unknown to everyone. In the previous program, the magic of their love turned around, and they were always caught off guard by a single dog who was hugging and holding high. It was so sour that the single dogs in front of the screen turned into lemon essence in seconds.

Huo Siyan likes hot pot. Dujiang cant eat hot pot, but she has to go with her every time and order a bowl of fried rice with eggs just to accompany her wife.

Huo Siyan leaves work in the middle of the night and goes home. Dujiang will prepare the night before, just to let her face a warm light and a bowl of warm soup when she goes home.

Action in the Red Sea road show busy, he took the time to go home to meet his wife and children, also dont forget to tell his son: I came back because I miss your mother. The son, hum, has become a refined man, and he is calm with his parents love.

A good husband makes a good father. Some people say that its from a well-educated family, and Dujiangs textbook Level parenting method has been on the hot search for many times.

Uhm has had the habit of cleanliness since he was a child. To help him overcome it, Du Jiang took him to a ceramics class, calmed his mood, diverted his attention, and guided him to deal with it correctly.

Hum, because he liked little puff, he couldnt help kissing her. Du Jiang saw her. He immediately stopped and educated her to learn how to respect girls.

When uhm was angry with toys and little puff, Dujiang didnt rush to quarrel with him. Instead, he said, youre too stingy, boys shouldnt be like this. to make uhm understand what it means to be a man.

Pay attention to communication and empathy, let children understand the truth of life like the spring breeze. When the tough guy on the screen is a husband and a father, he is so warm that a group of little fans want to find the same marriage.

Iron blood and tenderness interweave, this is now the image of Dujiang.

In his 12 years as a monk, Du Jiang has created many impressive roles with his highly plastic appearance and solid basic skills. 2019 is a fruitful year for his performance career. With three films with both word-of-mouth and box office, Dujiang constantly breaks through the audiences perception of him, brings surprises to everyone, perfectly interprets an optimistic, positive and positive attitude towards entertainment, and is a worthy industry pioneer. Therefore, he is invited to attend the 2019 Netease Entertainment festival as a representative of zhengxianfeng to convey his self breakthrough attitude.

In the era of Pan entertainment, what is the real entertainment spirit? The 2019 Netease Entertainment festival will give us the right answer. It can be called a major event in the field of entertainment. With youth and fun as the core, it gathers and honors the most influential stars, industry figures and high-quality works of the year. At that time, the ceremony will invite representatives of idol field, film and television comprehensive field, music field, pan entertainment figures and entertainment industry through the three links of positive youth, positive pop and positive pioneer, let them use their works to speak, show the positive energy spirit of contemporary entertainment, together with Netease, make the positive entertainment spirit deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Pentium together is young is the attitude that Netease Entertainment Festival 2019 wants to spread to the public, and also the attitude that its sponsor partner FAW Pentium has always held. It always believes that the power of youth is inexhaustible. As long as you dare to think, you can cross the world and travel thousands of miles, so you dare to do it, innovate boldly, and always be just young; and the new flagship SUV Pentium T99 launched by FAW Pentium uses the through tail lamp + Huabiao rear fog lamp, which integrates the great success of oriental charm, and embodies the just popular national trend aesthetics; carrying The L2 + intelligent driving system shows the positive and pioneer intelligent Internet black technology.

On November 1, 2019, lets come to Changchun, Jilin Province, together with Dujiang, galloping together, being young.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Yin Lili Peng nk3689