The league is walking sideways in the world cup, and the first new seasons local stars are facing discussion

 The league is walking sideways in the world cup, and the first new seasons local stars are facing discussion

2019 is not a smooth year for the Chinese mens basketball team. The loss of the basketball world cup at home disappointed the fans who had high hopes for the team, and also put huge pressure on the CBA League, which is the talent pool of the national team.

In the new season, CBA League has issued the declaration of dare to dream and dare to act, trying to innovate and forge ahead in adversity and face challenges directly. The loss of the world cup will inspire the determination and courage of every basketball player in the CBA League to reform, it said. Dare to dream, dream of the bright future of Chinese basketball, let every Chinese basketball people be proud; dare to be, reform, for the rejuvenation of Chinese basketball, for the happiness of Chinese fans and bear.

With reform as the main line, the CBA of the new season will set sail with a new attitude.

Stepping into the cba2.0 era, the new season presents a comprehensive upgrade of four major sectors

The 2019-2020 season is the 25th season in CBA league history, and also the first season after CBA League promotes CBA 2.0 upgrade plan.

This season, the League plans to upgrade in the four major sectors of event operation, fan experience, business development and brand promotion. In terms of competition operation, the competition is more staggered, some of which will start at 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. in advance, adding the best sixth person award in the honor system. In terms of fan experience, the first official ticket platform in China Professional Sports League was launched in cooperation with barley sports. In terms of business development, some sponsors and cooperative enterprises have been added. In terms of brand promotion, national trend, youth development, public welfare and community marketing have been established as the main directions of brand upgrading.

Yao Ming, chairman of China Basketball Association and chairman of CBA League, said: in a sense, the expectations of CBA League in the new season are incomparable in the past many seasons. In the new season, CBA League has to do a lot of things, but also to take a long view of every link.

The unsatisfactory performance of Chinese mens basketball team in the world cup also prompted CBA to make changes. Since the season 2020-2021, in order to promote the sustainable development of the league, CBA will set up a salary cap for domestic players. Although there is no compulsory regulation on the salary of foreign aid, in order to improve the competitive level and training quality of domestic players, each teams foreign aid will play for 2 people (up to 4 sections and 4 person times), and each section will play for up to 1 person time (only one foreign aid is on the court at any time).

The new regulations on the salary cap and the number of foreign aid players mean that many clubs foreign aid teams will perform top performances this season. In fact, in order to improve the strength, many CBA teams have strengthened the efforts to introduce foreign aid this season. For example, Liaoning team has recruited the strength striker Stephenson, while Beijing team has signed the Chinese star Lin Shuhao. The performance of the foreign aid groups represented by the two will also become an important factor affecting the performance of each team in the new season.

Local star, OK?

With the emergence of foreign aid policy and salary restriction, the role of domestic players in the League will become more and more important in the future. In the context of poor performance in the international arena of mens basketball, it can be predicted that domestic players will pay more attention and discussion in the new season than before. Whether its a local star or a perennial dragon suit, you have to answer two questions with the performance on the court: can you do it? Are you worth it?

The biggest focus will be on Guo Allen, Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin and other national team players who walk horizontally in the league, but head down in the world cup. In terms of income, the team will still pay top salaries for them, but what is the top performance will be redefined in them. Chinese basketball cant rely on winning Olympic tickets in Asia, and local stars will naturally win recognition and respect from fans in a more strict public opinion environment.

For those domestic players outside the star halo, they are faced with livelihood problems. When the team gives priority to protect the interests of big name players due to salary restriction, the remaining salary space will naturally become smaller, and domestic players living in the middle and lower reaches need to show stronger survival desire.

In terms of salary, the living environment of domestic players will become more severe in the next season. However, CBAs adjustment of foreign aid policies will also give greater performance space and stage to local forces in the future. The opportunity is here. If you are not competitive, you will see yourself.

Looking at Yi Jianlian in the world cup, people are anxious for no one to follow the Chinese mens basketball team, but also more looking forward to the growth and emergence of new forces in CBA. Can abrudo, shalamu, Hu Jinqiu and other young stars further step into the ranks of top players in China? Guo Haowen, Xu Jie and other rookies in the second grade of CBA, can they become independent from the beginning? Who will surprise CBA with the 16 rookies led by Wang Shaojie?

No matter the star or the Dragon suit, the veteran or the new player, when Chinas mens basketball team is in a low ebb, it may face the vacuum period of international competitions in the next few years, CBA will be a precious stage for domestic players to hone and show themselves. So, please do and cherish.

Who can become the roadblock for Guangdong team to write the legend?

Guangdong team won 4-0 in the finals last season and won the ninth CBA championship in team history. The complete victory of Guangdong team is not only reflected in the total score, but also in the playing method. With the joining of marchan Brooks and Wilms, two foreign aid players with both moving ability and scoring ability, Guangdong team successfully achieved speed up last season, completed a wave of 18 consecutive wins in the regular season with the oppressive play method, and rolled all the opponents in the playoffs with 11 wins.

In the new season, Guangdong team has basically maintained the core lineup of last season, while Xinjiang, Liaoning and other teams have made substantial reinforcement. Xinjiang team ushered in Zhou Qis return, adding strength to the strength of the inner line. A number of young team players such as Qilin and silzati filled in the gap left by veteran Li Gen and sun Tonglin after leaving the team, and the teams lineup was further younger. In terms of foreign aid, Ian Clarkes joining in also provided a full guarantee for Xinjiang teams external firepower. Liaoning team has retained the lineup framework of last season. In terms of foreign aid, Stephenson, a taller and younger player, has replaced veteran Hudson. In the preseason, Stephenson has shown excellent scoring ability.

In addition to Xinjiang and Liaoning teams, Shenzhen, Guangxia and other strong teams also have large or small reinforcement measures. Under the background that Guangdong teams playing methods are gradually studied by other teams in the league, the way of defending Guangdong team will not be smooth. After all, since the 2015-2016 season, no CBA team has been able to defend the title.

There are also some interesting points to watch in the regular season this season. According to the ranking of last seasons regular season, 20 teams are divided into four groups in a serpentine arrangement, while the five teams in the fourth group are all from four big cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. According to the rules of the four regular season matches that will be held by teams in the same group, this seasons Beijing Derby will be staged four times in the regular season. In addition, Beijing team, Shanghai team and Shenzhen team will also be staged full of competition.

The curtain of CBA is about to open, and suspense such as the championship team and MVP competition will be gradually revealed along with the progress of the season. As the CBA League said in the declaration, basketball has the most extensive mass base in China. The development of CBA is related to the rejuvenation of Chinese basketball and the happiness of Chinese fans. In the 25th season of CBA, the fans also have higher and higher expectations for the league.

Source: editor in charge of Xinhua News Agency: Ma bile, ns4800