Liao media: Baosi is the biggest enemy of Liao basketball

 Liao media: Baosi is the biggest enemy of Liao basketball

Liaoning mens basketball team with a complete lineup is ready for the new season. All photos in this edition were taken by sun Haitao, a reporter of our newspaper

After Han Dejun and Guo Allan return from injury, Liaoning mens basketball team welcomes the new season with a complete lineup.

For the teams new season goal, coach Guo Shiqiang firmly said: the goal of Liaoning mens basketball team in CBA has never changed, is to strive for the best results. In other words, after a season of surprises and disappointments, liaolan will fight for the second championship in the teams history.

Four guarantees is a small goal

Health is the premise

In the interview, Guo Shiqiang didnt mention the specific goal of the regular season, but according to all aspects of the situation, the regular season four guarantees should be liaolans small goal in the new season. This is because, with the Liaoning basketball team thickness, it is not easy to win the regular season championship. If we pay a large price for this, we will lose too much. But if we cant make it to the top four, not only does it mean that there is no home advantage in every round of the playoffs, but also there is a bad psychological hint. After all, in the CBA League, the team that has won the championship has ranked the fourth lowest in the regular season.

This seasons CBA regular season is 3 weeks and 8 games. Compared with last seasons 1 week and 3 games, the density has decreased, but the games are 46 rounds, which is still very long. Injury, especially the injury of the main players, is the risk that Liaoning basketball team must avoid. Last season, Liaoning basketball team achieved a record 25 consecutive wins, but the main players physical consumption is very huge. Han Dejuns injury has nothing to do with it. Considering that the main players of Liaoning basketball team are one year older in the new season, injuries are the biggest enemy. To this, Guo Shiqiang said very frankly: we should protect Han Dejun.

The warm-up game has a lot to gain

New lineup to look forward to

Objectively speaking, from the situation of the warm-up game, the just past off-season is the best preparation for liaolan in recent seasons. This is not only reflected in the results, but also in the integrity of the lineup. During the whole off-season of last year, injuries were a nightmare that Liaoning basketball never left. Even in the opening war, the so-called luxurious Liaoning basketball guard line, apart from Guo Allen, who came back from the line of fire, only Yang Ming and Yan Vernon, who were young.

This summer, although Liaoning basketball team is also faced with the national teams competition tasks and injuries and other situations, but the domestic players lineup is generally complete, the early training of new players, the late running in the lineup, and the phased results are very significant. In the competition, Guo Xu, Wang Huadong, Liu Yanyu and other young players made people see progress. He Tianju, Liu Zhixuan and Cong Mingchen, who were jokingly called three refusals by fans last season, also made a very brilliant performance.

With the help of Stephenson, Liaoning basketball team has become more and more powerful. If the team of Liaoning basketball team is mainly stable in the past few seasons, after adding fresh blood, Liaoning basketball team of this season has reason to be expected.

This edition of the manuscript is signed by Li Xiang, our reporter, from Dongguan

Source: responsible editor of Liaoning Daily: Ma bile, ns4800