Bell drove away from Bernabeu in 82 minutes! The third early leave in a year

 Bell drove away from Bernabeu in 82 minutes! The third early leave in a year

In the 82nd minute of the game, bell left the Bernabeu earlier

At 22:53 local time last night, bell drove away from the Bernabeu. At that time, the game only lasted until the 82nd minute, which meant bell could not see jovics Real Madrid debut.

According to Real Madrid regulations, players who are not in the big list need to watch the whole game in the Bernabeu stands. But in this year, bell has been late and left early four times. When Real Madrid lost 2-0 to Real Sociedad in January this year, bell drove away ahead of time when the team was 1-0 behind, which made western media denounce him for his lack of team spirit.

In the League against Barcelona last season, bell started for 60 minutes, was replaced after handing over the blank answer sheet, when he was booed by the Bernabeu fans. After the game, Searle radio pointed out that bell did not stay on the bench to watch the whole game, but returned to the dressing room ahead of time to take a bath, and drove away from the Bernabeu before the end of the game. When bell left, Real Madrid were only 1-0 behind, but bell didnt care whether the team could even or reverse.

In this seasons Champions League group match, Real Madrid draw Bruges 2-2 at home, bell was Zidane kicked out of the list. It was four minutes before bell drove outside the Bernabeu parking lot.

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