Beijing media: cba6 is in the first group of four black horse teams

 Beijing media: cba6 is in the first group of four black horse teams

The new seasons black horse team is also concerned: Shanghai team ranked 12th in the League last season, they have entered the top eight or even higher ranking base after the huge investment and strong reinforcements during the off-season, while the North control team and Sichuan team are the teams at the bottom of the League last season, their goal is to enter the playoffs.


Guangdong, Xinjiang and Liaoning are close in strength

Defending champion Guangdong team completed the renewal of their contract with two foreign aid WIMS and marchan Brooks this summer, and they have maintained enough stability in the squad. However, it is more difficult for Guangdong team to maintain the title than last season. The reason is that on the one hand, the injury has a negative impact on Guangdong team. There is no clear information about when Captain Zhou Peng will return from training this summer when his foot is cracked. Yi Jianlian, a key player, will have swelling feet again after the world cup, which may affect the performance of the new season. On the other hand, for the long-term development of the team, Guangdong team has increased 5 young players in the new season, and there are some changes in the team.

It could be more difficult, coach Du Feng said of the new season. I think its very difficult for new players to improve and exercise in terms of technology and psychology through one game after another. With Zhou Peng and Yi Jianlians injury, Du Feng thought, we have left so many capable players, all of them are young players, in fact, they are still weak in strength.

Xinjiang team is the runner up team of last season. The return of Zhou Qi and xire Lijiang in the new season and the three foreign aid reserves make the overall strength of the team improved a lot. The return of Zhou Qi and xire Lijiang to a large extent made up for the shortcomings of Xinjiang team. In addition, Xinjiang team has successfully renewed the contract with foreign aid feld and Stokes of last seasons playoffs, and introduced former NBA warriors player Clark.

Over the years, every season in Xinjiang has a firm belief and dream, said Xinjiang team coach adijiang. I firmly believe that every player knows their responsibilities and mission. Player feld said: its a pity we didnt win the championship last season. For the new season, our goal is to win the championship.

The biggest action of Liaoning team in the off-season is to complete the upgrade in the aspect of foreign aid, and successfully introduce Stephenson who has impressive physical quality and competition ability. However, there are some hidden dangers in the domestic players of Liaoning team, especially in the internal line. Whether Han Dejun can return to the court before the new season is not clear. Zhong Cheng and Wei Meng, the former substitutes for the inside line, have left. Although the team has also raised some young players, the overall strength of the inside line has declined.

Guo Shiqiang, coach of Liaoning team, also expressed his opinion on the new season: this season we will be more difficult. Compared with the old players, the young players still have a big gap in strength. Although we will let two young players add to the 12 person list, we must first ensure the results, and the second is to train the young players.


Shougang, Guangxia and Shenzhen completed upgrading

Last season, Shenzhen, Beijing Shougang and Zhejiang Guangxia ranked fourth, fifth and sixth respectively in the league. The three teams also have their own goals for the new season - Shenzhen team and Zhejiang Guangxia team clearly call out four for two, Beijing Shougang team hopes to achieve better results than last season.

Shenzhen team completed the upgrade of foreign aid during the off-season. Last season, Shenzhen reserved three foreign players, but they were all replaced during the off-season. At present, the Shenzhen team introduces the former Northern control guard foreign aid Pierre Jackson and the former Shanxi team foreign aid sabaz, these two people are far superior to the combination of Burton and banks in scoring ability, they will undertake most of the teams offensive tasks in the new season. Wang Jue, general manager of Shenzhen team, is confident in the goal of the new season. Last year we made the top four, and in the new season we will fight for two out of four.

Zhejiang Guangxia team also clearly called out the goal of four for two in the new season. Zhejiang Guangxia team has been to the finals, but they only ranked sixth last season. Lin Zhijie, a veteran of Guangxia team, left during the off-season. Zhao Dapeng, Ju Peng and other players also went to other teams. In terms of foreign aid, Zhejiang Guangxia team replaced Mr. Fortson and Mr. borussis with Aaron Jackson and Jay Reynolds. After the pre-season inspection, the Zhejiang Guangxia team is not sure about Reynolds. They are also looking for other more powerful internal and external aid recently.

Overall, Zhejiang Guangxia team did not have a significant improvement in off-season strength. Lou Ming, chairman of the board of directors of Guangxia holding group, expressed his views on the new season. The team last season, suffering from injuries, achieved the sixth place. This year, other teams are making efforts to introduce foreign aid, but Zhejiang Guangxia team is still confident of making good results, with the goal of four for two . The implication is to try to reach the finals. As for the goal proposed by the senior management, manager Li Chunjiang said it was difficult and stressful, but he would go all out.

Beijing Shougang team achieved the fifth place last season, and completed a number of reinforcements during the off-season. The overall strength has been greatly improved compared with last season. Beijing Shougang team aimed at the problem of insufficient internal strength, in addition to the introduction of Li Jiayi in internal aid, it mainly reserves two internal and external aid Hamilton and Youdu in external aid. At the same time, Beijing Shougang has introduced guard foreign aid Lin Shuhao. There is no doubt about Lins ability, but it will take some time to blend in. Beijing Shougang didnt call out specific goals for the new season, but from the coach to the players, they all said that they would achieve better results than last season.

Dark horse

Beikong, Sichuan and Qingdao look forward to breakthrough

Shanghai finished 12th last season, aiming to return to the top eight in the new season. Shanghai team completed the introduction of several players during the off-season, and the overall strength increased significantly. Shanghai team introduced Li Gen, Ju Mingxin and Zhang Chunjun in terms of domestic players, and introduced the combination of nanali and motayunas in terms of foreign aid. Manager Li Qiuping said: this season compared with the season, there are more rotation players, and there are more people in every position. Last season, we were plagued by injuries, and there was a big problem with the staff. This year, we have improved a lot on the whole except for position 4. In the new season, we will use more people to rotate, keep the intensity and avoid injuries. Li Qiuping revealed that the Shanghai teams goal for the new season is to enter the playoffs, and then kill back to the top eight. Shanghai team also has bad news: Zhang Zhaoxu, the main center, had a relapse of his old waist injury when he took part in the physical examination before, which may affect his playing situation and performance in the early stage of the new season.

Beijing control team, Sichuan team and Qingdao team ranked 20th, 17th and 15th respectively in the last season. They are all the teams in the bottom of the scoreboard, but they have a lot of action in off-season. It can be seen from this that these teams want to have a big breakthrough in the new season, and they have also shouted for the goal of entering the playoffs.

The lineup of the North control team has changed a lot. While Marbury is the head coach, the team has introduced many domestic players such as Sun Yue and Wang Shaojie, and foreign aid has introduced Fuge, Sonny and Sampson. As for the teams goal for the new season, Marbury said: we set very high standards for ourselves. We have been talking about the playoffs. In fact, the playoffs are only our first step. Our ultimate goal is to win the championship.

Sichuan team and Qingdao team also changed their blood during the off-season: in terms of domestic players, Sichuan team introduced Li Yuanyu, Zhang Songtao and other players, and foreign aid chose Fortson and Lampe; in terms of domestic players, Qingdao team introduced Zhao Tailong, Zhao Dapeng and other players, and foreign aid chose Adams, Johanson and Burton. They all want to make a breakthrough in the new season.

Article / our reporter song Xiang

Source: responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily: Ma bile, ns4800