New Beijing Derby, Shougang and Beikong enter the era of confrontation?

 New Beijing Derby, Shougang and Beikong enter the era of confrontation?

The two CBA teams in Beijing are divided into the same group this season, and they will play four times in the regular season. In addition, both teams have triggered heated discussions this summer, which makes the Beijing Derby of this season more interesting.

The combination of Han (left) and Lin Shuhao (right) is getting better. Figure /Osports

Shougang also announced the renewal of Hamiltons contract and the signing of Nigerian international Youdu, and then announced Lin Shuhaos joining in, opening the mode of three foreign aid preparations. One of the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the NBA Chinese star Lin Shuhao. His 40 points in the first pre-season game excited the fans, and the prospect of playing CBA is also very promising. When asked about Marburys success in Shougang, Lin expressed his respect for his predecessors and said that being himself was the most important thing.

Looking forward to the Beijing Derby, Marbury said he just wanted to win.

After his relationship with Shougang, Marbury ended his career with another team in Beijing and started a new role as coach here this year. He took over at the bottom of the North control mens basketball team. With the support of the club, he completed the domestic recruitment of five people, including Sun Yue. Wang Shaojie, the core player of the mens basketball team of Peking University, was selected by the top scorer, and all foreign aid was replaced.

At the pledging meeting of the new season, the North control mens basketball team called out the goal of entering the playoffs, while Marbury hoped to win the championship again as a coach. During his time as a player, he led the northern control team to win 1-1 in the face of his old team. Now that he has changed his identity, what kind of answer will he give?

Beijing Derby record: Shougang 7-3

The derby in Beijing is better in the new season.

Shougang kept winning at home, but failed to take the victory from the Olympic Center in the past two seasons. In the second round of last season, Liu Xiaoyu broke his finger at the end of the third quarter to fight for the ball, which led to the reimbursement of the season. North control mens basketball team in the first three quarters 15 points behind the situation of the last counterattack, redDo hit three-point semi-final, to help the team 104-102 reversal.

Regular season match time:

Round 7: November 20, 2019 Shougang vs Beikong

Round 10: November 26, 2019 Beijing control vs Shougang

Round 30: January 12, 2020 Beijing control vs Shougang

Round 33: February 7, 2020 Shougang vs Beikong

Liu Chen, reporter of Beijing News

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Ma bile