Gong Xiaobin: the first two months of the new seasons main hit Hamai combination Kanan

 Gong Xiaobin: the first two months of the new seasons main hit Hamai combination Kanan

This summer, great changes have taken place in Shandong mens basketball team: Gong Xiaobin, the leading figure of Shandong basketball, has returned, all foreign aid has been replaced, and many new players have joined... In order to let the fans better understand the CBA new season and the preparation of Shandong mens basketball team, we today launched the special report dare to dream and dare to be -- 2019-2020cba watching guide, hoping to help the fans watch the ball in the new season.

Nearly four years after leaving the team, Gong Xiaobin officially returned to Shandong mens basketball team in April this year and became the general manager and head coach of Shandong Xiwang basketball club. This is the third time for Dabin to be the head coach of Shandong mens basketball team. The general manager and the head coach shoulder to shoulder, Dabin said that his burden is very heavy. In the six months after his return to Shandong, Dabin led the team to the United States to practice, and then went to Guizhou, Jilin, Shanxi and other places to participate in the warm-up game, which was very busy. On October 29, Dabin finally took the time to accept an exclusive interview with the New Times reporter, to talk about his feelings after his return, the use of three foreign aid, and the teams goals for the new season. He promised the fans: in the new season, Shandong Xiwang mens basketball team will strive to bring a fresh feeling and more joy to everyone.

Talk about the return:

Four years away is not a new focus on team management

Although he has been away from Shandong mens basketball team for nearly four years, Gong Xiaobin said that he was no stranger to this team when he came back. I chose to return, on the one hand, because I am from Shandong, on the other hand, Shandong mens basketball team is my mother team, and I have feelings for this team. In those years when I left Shandong mens basketball team, the majority of fans have always supported me and my heart has always been thinking about this team.

Talking about the feeling after returning, Dabin said frankly that there have been some problems in the management of the team in recent years. Everyones sense of responsibility and honor is relatively weak, and they think much about material and treatment. The first task after I come back is to pick up the traditional things, including the sense of responsibility and cohesion of players. After taking the post of general manager and head coach, Gong Xiaobin emphasized four points to the club and the players: first, the most important thing for the team to get along with is to abide by the rules and regulations and do things in a reasonable way; second, Shandong mens basketball team must be prepared for hardship and do not need to muddle along; third, the players should have a sense of honor and dedication, not to think about making money; fourth, in the future Every team member will be level with a bowl of water, and everyone will have equal opportunities. Dabin said that he focused on the construction and management of the club in this half year. After this half years work, it should be said that the spirit of the team has undergone positive changes. The whole team is now very united and cohesive.


We cant rely on foreign aid to build a balanced team

After Dabins return, he found that the training condition of the players was not very good, their basic skills were insufficient and they relied too much on foreign aid. Considering the aging of the team, Gong Xiaobin focuses on the introduction of potential rookies in the introduction of domestic players. However, there are few such players in the domestic players. In the end, we introduced young general Hou peizuo from Xinjiang, and returned several young players such as Chen Peidong, Wang Wenyu and Wang Guanxiang from Anhui Wenyi. I hope these players can run in well with the team as soon as possible, unify their thoughts and shoulder their responsibilities as soon as possible. In addition, Li Jingyu returned to Shandong from Shanxi on loan. Gong Xiaobin also introduced several Mesozoic players, including Tian Jiafu, Zhao Dapeng and sun Henan.

Speaking of his consideration of the teams technical and tactical style after his return, Gong Xiaobin said: I hope that our team can find the characteristics of the old Shandong mens basketball team, which is fierce in defense and quick in counterattack, and at the same time, it can achieve the balance of attack and defense, and can blossom more in attack. I have repeatedly stressed with the players that local players should not rely too much on foreign aid, but should be driven by foreign aid, and everyone can develop their own characteristics and abilities.

On foreign aid:

Key players Hudson and mace are on call two months ago

In the new season, Shandong mens basketball team has changed a lot in the introduction of foreign aid. Last season, Lawson and mortay were abandoned, and finally determined the new combination of Hudson and mace. In this regard, Gong Xiaobin introduced the whole process of determining foreign aid in detail, because the basketball association has the new provisions of temporary non guarantee contract, this summer, the team first identified two foreign aid Selden and Cannan during the training in the United States, it should be said that these two people have certain strength, are also NBA players, but from the warm-up game, because they are role players in the NBA, no Have the ability to drive the whole team. In addition, neither of them has played abroad before, especially Selden, who has some problems in running in with the team. As a result, the team has since contacted two players, mace and Hudson. Although both of them are older, they have played in CBA. They have rich overseas experience and can play a role in driving the whole team. Considering Jia Chenggang has just come back and Wu Ke is injured, we are considering signing up for mace and Hudson. These two foreign aid will be our main foreign aid in the new season. As for Cannan, he has a two-month non guaranteed contract. After the start of the league, we need to observe the specific performance of mace and Hudson, and then decide whether to use Cannan.

Hame combination is quite practical, but the hidden danger of the two is that they are too old, and fans have doubts about whether they can adapt to the long regular season. In this regard, Gong Xiaobin said that MESE and Hudson are very disciplined players. They are in good physical and physical condition at present. As long as the playing time is reasonably allocated, I believe they can adapt to the new CBA season.

Talking about goals:

Try to get into the playoffs first and hope to get into the top eight

Talking about the goal of Shandong Xiwang mens basketball team in the new season, Gong Xiaobin said: Shandong mens basketball team does not have the strength to win the championship at present. We have a certain gap with those hot teams, mainly because the bench depth is not deep enough. Our goal in the new season is to get into the playoffs first, and then try to move forward step by step. Gong said frankly that the group did not give the team specific goals, but in my heart, I still hope to make it to the last eight, more than last season.

At the end of the interview, Gong Xiaobin told the fans with the help of Jinan Times: over the years, my fans and friends have always supported me and our Shandong mens basketball team, and I am grateful for that. In the new season, the club and the team should serve the fans well, strive to win more games and bring more joy to everyone. We will pay close attention to the teams style and play the kings spirit. We must fight hard in every game and try to give the fans a fresh feeling. I hope my fans and friends will continue to support me and our team. (New Times reporter Li Fujie)

Source: responsible editor of Jinan Times: Ma bile, ns4800