I dont think the prison clothes are too ugly. I cant wash my head without a hairdryer. The corrupt official cries: I want to go home.

 I dont think the prison clothes are too ugly. I cant wash my head without a hairdryer. The corrupt official cries: I want to go home.

How can I embezzle so much money? What can I do next? I dont want to go to jail. I want to go home!

When baoluqiong was told by the investigators of Hangzhou Jiande municipal supervision committee that the amount of corruption was more than 3.07 million yuan after investigation, she burst into tears and cried childishly to go home.

On April 1, 2019, Lu baoqiong, chief of finance section of Jiande road transport management office, accompanied by her husband and unit leaders, walked into Jiande Municipal Supervision Committee: I come from the first place, and I embezzled more than 2.6 million yuan. The 41 - year-old is petite and flustered. She naively thinks that she can go home with her husband after making it clear.

Recently, the Hangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision commission public No. clean Hangzhou released details of the case.



Infatuated with the princesss life

Im just stupid! Sitting in the detention room, Bao luqiong often sighs when describing her motive for crime.

I dont want to wear ugly prison clothes, no hairdryer, I dont want to wash my hair. Bao luqiong often complains about these seemingly insignificant things.

In handling the case, Bao luqiong often shows the charming and tender like a princess, and the naive and simple like a child.

Compared with the general people who are being held for trial, Bao luqiong seems to be really stupid.

Behind this silly is vanity. It was because her income level could not bear her Princesss vanity that such a weak woman committed a major corruption case that shocked the whole city.

Baoluqiongs economic income is not low, which can be regarded as a middle-class family. However, her pampering and habituation from childhood helped her develop a life habit of lavishing money. Their own and childrens food and clothing, slowly more than the familys economic capacity. Finally, on January 20, 2016, she tentatively took the name of a transferred person as 16979.4 yuan. The money was quickly transferred to her Alipay account for shopping.


Ants moving:

More than 3 million yuan of public funds removed in three years

Feifei, Id like to invite another black flame, a fox tail pendant. You must keep it for me. If I have money, please go home.

Feifei, these days, I feel that my colleagues are always talking about me. Am I a villain recently?

Fifi, can you help me see what bracelets, pendants and rings Im suitable for today?

These seemingly unintelligible and unintelligible words are often talked about by Lu Bao Qiong and a young crystal shopkeeper named Feifei in the past three years.

At first, Bao luqiong embezzled a small amount of money, which was about ten thousand yuan a month, and was only used for shopping and a small amount of financial management.

The turning point appeared in October 2016, and the video of a crystal shop appeared in her vision. The crystal jewelry in this shop is gorgeous, glittering, and expensive. In addition, these jewelry are also endowed with the magic power to transport and eliminate disasters.

Baos vanity was soon inspired by these crystal jewelry. She spent 70000 yuan to buy the first red grain stone pendant jewelry. After that, a hair can not be received, crazy purchase let her fall into a magic spell. How to get more money and buy more crystal jewelry has become the most important thing she thinks about every day in the past three years.

Baoqiong calls buying crystal jewelry please, and each crystal jewelry has a mysterious name, such as black flame, fox tail, etc. each jewelry has certain magic power. It is the most satisfying thing in baoluqiongs life to find Fifi to ask for something every day.

Every time I get jewelry, I feel very happy. But soon, my heart starts to empty and I want to buy more beautiful and expensive jewelry. In the past three years, Bao luqiong will wear four or five bracelets and three or four rings on one hand, which makes her satisfied with I am a princess. After Baolu Qiong was investigated, her family found 84 pieces of jewelry from her cabinet, 34 of which seemed to have little difference.


Perfect Psychology:

Demanding self and others

Bao Qiong is a person who pursues perfection, which leads her to be extremely harsh on herself and others. She is also meticulous in her work, and tries to be perfect in everything. When other personnel of the finance department are slack, Bao luqiong, as the section chief, is not scientific management and reasonable division of labor. What she thinks is that others dont do well, so do it by herself. Therefore, Bao luqiong not only assumed the responsibility of accounting, but also a large part of the responsibility of cashier. In this way, the work function of the cashier accountants mutual supervision is virtually empty, which is not hard to understand why Bao luqiong can commit corruption crimes for three consecutive years without being known.

More than ten years of accounting work has given Bao luqiong rich working experience. She is familiar with the institutional loopholes in each link of public budget, payment and payment, as well as other peoples negligence that can be used in each link. Therefore, the seemingly impossible crime of obtaining public funds by means of fictitious staffs salary has become easy to grasp in front of Bao luqiong. u3002

The pursuit of perfection has always been to perfect the operation of corruption crimes: first, the cashiers slack has been used to successfully evade the restriction of the cashiers division of labor and cooperation; then, the unit leaders management oversight of financial work has been used to evade the leaders review by a little hand on the payroll; then, the system operation loopholes in the computer software have been used skillfully. Other public funds are included in the salary subject; finally, the familiar relationship with the personnel of the finance bureau is used to avoid the examination of the final stage of the payment link.

In this way, Bao luqiong is familiar with the operation of the units public funds compass every month. Like making puzzles, he tries his best to withdraw the public funds from all channels in the name of wage payment. Every month, he will embezzle more than 100000 yuan of public funds. In the most crazy month, he embezzles more than 250000 yuan.

However, such a perfect operation results in thick documentary evidence and six years of imprisonment. Bao luqiong collected so much money that she couldnt count the amount of corruption when she came from the head. Therefore, when the investigators told Bao luqiong that the amount of corruption identified in the investigation was not 2.6 million yuan as she said when she surrendered, but more than 3.07 million yuan, the first scene happened.

On April 1, 2019, Bao luqiong was investigated for his large amount of money on suspicion of corruption. After investigation, Bao luqiong took advantage of her position to embezzle more than 3.07 million yuan of public funds, including more than 2.42 million yuan for the purchase of crystal ornaments, from January 2016 to February 2019, through the means of obtaining wages, bonuses and subsidies from false employees. On August 14, 2019, Bao luqiong was sentenced to six years in prison and fined 400000 yuan.

Female corrupt officials are charged with special charges. Brother is a deputy of 449 million.

Xing Yanju, former deputy inspector of the Standing Committee of Hohhot Municipal Peoples Congress, was recently indicted by the prosecutor of Hulunbuir city for the crime of bribery and concealing the crime. The governor of Changan Street noted that she was the sister of Xing Yun, the former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the peoples Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, who was accused of taking 449 million yuan in bribes.