Beat adult daughter violently with my mothers latte stick: I dont think my daughter is married when she is 30 years old

 Beat adult daughter violently with my mothers latte stick: I dont think my daughter is married when she is 30 years old

There was a conflict between the mother and the daughter.

How to solve it correctly?

A mother in Changzhou chose the most drastic way:

Hit your 30-year-old daughter with a stick!

Daughter called the police and was beaten by her mother

Multiple injuries and extensive bruises

On September 8 this year, a woman in Changzhou called the police and said she was beaten with a stick by her mother.

When the police arrived at the hotel, their mother Wang and daughter Lin were still quarreling.

I told the police that she was the one who broke her hand and hit it with an iron bar! My back and legs are hurt! Lin is very angry.

I want to kill her! Accustomed! Mother Wang Mou shows no weakness.

Because the scene is not convenient to check the injury, the police decided to take the mother and daughter back to the police station for investigation and treatment, but the mother Wang did not cooperate. I hit my daughter. Why dont I hit someone else?

Police learned that Lin had also been beaten by her mother many times before, and this time she would not forgive her mother.

According to the forensic examination, Lins leg, buttock, elbow and other places were damaged, and there was a large area of bruise, so it was judged that the degree of the injury was slight.

Injury map of Lin

Be forced to marry think that parents value boys over girls

The contradiction between mother and daughter is getting deeper and deeper

Mother and daughter, how could they hate each other so much?

His mother Wang said that his daughter is 30 years old this year, and has not married yet. Before that, she worked and lived alone outside and didnt make a name. A year ago, my daughter came back to the shop to help, and the conflict began at this time.

Wang also has a son. He has a good hotel business. His family struggled together to buy a house for his son. Wang said that in their hometown, it is reasonable for parents to buy a marriage house for their son, and it is also the responsibility of parents.

This matter caused the daughter Lin Mous strong dissatisfaction. What she means is that we protect our son and value men over women. We buy a house for our son but not for her. Wang said.

To summarize:

Wang Mou, the mother, dislikes his daughter. She is 30 years old and has no marriage.

I didnt make a name.

Daughter Lin is dissatisfied with the fact that his parents only buy his son a wedding house

After the conflict, the mother and daughter often quarrel over trifles. As long as mother Wang scolds her daughter for a few words, she is bound to get a reply from her daughter. This makes her unbearable. She has beaten her daughter many times with sticks and bare hands.

In August this year, Wang still wanted to hit his daughter in front of the police.

The police have repeatedly asked the mother and daughter to sign the mediation agreement, and also repeatedly issued anti domestic violence warning letters to the two, informing the consequences of the beating.

However, the mother and daughter quarreled and even started to fight.

On September 8, Wang asked his daughter to go back to the shop and clean up, saying and quarreling again. In Wangs view, is it wrong for a mother to ask her daughter to do something she should have done? Wang Mou: you say again, see I dare not cut you! Lin Mou: you cut me try! The furious Wang saw an iron stick on the shelf, so he picked it up and beat up his daughter.

The daughter demanded compensation of 80000 yuan from her mother

My mother fainted many times after learning

Under the work of the mediator, Wangs husband and daughter met at the police station to discuss mediation matters. However, Lin said that he had been tortured by his mother for a long time and suffered serious physical and mental injuries. Only when his mother promised to compensate him for the loss of 80000 yuan could he be forgiven, otherwise, he would not talk about it.

Wang was so angry that he fainted several times when he learned the conditions of his daughters understanding and that he might face criminal detention. In her view, its just a lesson for her children. How can they commit a crime?

However, the act of beating others with a stick for many times and causing minor injury has constituted the crime of intentional injury.

At present, Wang has been detained by the police.

Its a pity that the mother daughter relationship has been like this. Whats your opinion?

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