Will microwave heating food affect the nutrition?

 Will microwave heating food affect the nutrition?

As far as the microwave oven product itself is concerned, the microwave leakage prevention technology and the production process of the product itself can limit the microwave leakage to less than 10 W / m2. For qualified microwave oven products, microwave leakage will not be caused without damage in use.

In 2013, the results released by China Household Appliances Research Institute at the research results conference of the influence of microwave cooking on food safety and nutrition held by China Household Appliances Research Institute show that under the premise of reasonable cooking, as long as the temperature and heating time are well controlled, the change of food molecular structure is harmless.

There is not enough evidence to support the argument that microwave cooking may increase carcinogens in food or cause adverse mutagenesis. In the study of biological effects of microwave, there is no evidence that microwave can induce gene mutation in animals and plants.

Vegetables, fruits and other foods are less nutritious when they are cooked with microwave

Experts from China household electrical appliances research institute and national food professional testing organization compare the nutritional components of food cooked with microwave and open fire, including vitamins, fats, proteins, minerals, etc. The results show that microwave cooking can not make the loss of nutrients faster and more serious than traditional cooking.

At the same time, in the protection of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which are sensitive to heating time, the effect of microwave heating is significantly better than open fire heating.

It has been proved that the loss of vitamin C, flavonoids and chlorophyll in vegetables, fruits and other foods cooked by microwave is less when they reach the same central temperature because of the short heating time.

Some fish, meat, egg yolk and other foods containing n-3 unsaturated fatty acids, as well as yogurt and other foods containing live bacteria will be affected by microwave, and the nutritional components will be damaged, so it is not recommended to heat them in microwave oven.

Through any form of cooking, including heating and cooling, the physical properties, chemical composition and nutritional characteristics of food will change. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reasonable and scientific way of cooking food, to meet the needs of color, fragrance and at the same time to absorb more nutrients in food.

Do not use microwave oven to cook food with hard shell or film

It is recommended that you carefully read the operation manual before using the microwave oven, use the microwave oven scientifically and reasonably, and select the heating time and microwave power reasonably, which should not be too long or too strong.

In the cooking process, rotate and stir the food to evenly distribute the heat, and avoid overcooking vegetables to reduce the loss of nutrients.

Microwave heating itself does not have the sterilization effect. It is recommended not to use microwave heating overnight or store food for a relatively long time to avoid foodborne diseases.

Guo Wen, master

Source: responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily: Geng Yiwen, nj6040