A 24-year-old poor girl with a weight of 43 Jin was donated 470000 yuan: eating a bowl of rice for the first time

 A 24-year-old poor girl with a weight of 43 Jin was donated 470000 yuan: eating a bowl of rice for the first time

Wu Huayan is too tired.

Weak Wu Huayan.

On the afternoon of October 30, Wu Huayan was lying on the sickbed weakly. However, when she saw the reporter of Guizhou Metropolis Daily, she still tried to sit up. Thank you for your concern. I have enough medical expenses. Thank you again sincerely.

In recent days, Wu Huayans story was first reported by various media platforms under Guizhou Metropolis Daily u00b7 Metropolis News, which attracted wide attention all over the country. Every day, good Samaritans from inside and outside the province donate money to Wu Huayan and call her to encourage her. Every day, other media come to visit her, so that after too many phone calls and interviews, Wu Huayans body collapsed again.

Frequent reception and visits make you sweat every time

On the afternoon of the 30th, when the reporter came to Wu Huayans ward for the third time, her bed was still full of reporters who came to visit her caring people and various media. Wu Huayan was never willing to refuse everyones kindness and insisted on chatting with everyone and accepting interviews.

These days, when I saw your message, I cried. Wu Huayan said that after seeing so many people leaving messages to her every day, she is full of confidence. Today she tried to eat a bowl of rice, which is the first time she can eat a bowl of rice recently.

Wu Huayan said that the reason why she forced herself to eat was that she wanted to get better and get the operation done as soon as possible. However, recently, due to too many phone calls from caring citizens and too frequent interviews, it was difficult for her body to keep going again.

Im sorry to hang up, because thats what people care about me. Wu Huayan said that even if she had no strength, she would answer the phone as long as she heard it. She was afraid that her refusal would hurt everyones love.

Wu Huayans younger brother also revealed that it was not easy for her sister. In an interview with everyone, she tried her best to keep smiling. When everyone left the ward, she was so tired that she was sweating and suffering. I know my sister is holding on with the last bit of strength.

The operation fee is enough for the caring people to stop donation temporarily

Wus aunt also said that by the 30th, Wus love money had reached as high as six to seven million. At present, the cost of the operation is enough. She hoped that the caring people would stop their love donation temporarily.

In addition, aunt Wu Huayan also said that in recent days, she also hoped that caring people and media reporters would not go to the ward to visit and interview for the time being, because Wu Huayan was so kind that she couldnt bear to refuse everyones kindness. However, after receiving peoples visits continuously these days, her body collapsed again.

When the doctor saw that Wu Huayans body was abnormal, the doctor also suggested that Wu Huayan should take a good rest and take care of herself slowly these days, so as to try for an early operation.

Thank you, thank all the people who help me. I will never forget your kindness to me. Its you who gave me a second life. When I get well, I will use the rest of my life to repay the society and help the people who need more help. Wu Huayan finally cried and said, let me shut down this time impolitely, because Im really tired. I want to take a break for two days and have a good sleep. Thank you, and I hope you can understand.