Hong Kong mob good helper fan mob want to go online after off the shelf mob good game

 Hong Kong mob good helper fan mob want to go online after off the shelf mob good game

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Overseas. Com, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) - after the Hong Kong mob good helper app (hkmap. Live) app was removed by Apple Inc. of the United States recently, some fans plan to launch a simulation game called restore Hong Kong in an attempt to attract more teenagers to participate in violent activities.

According to Hong Kongs Wen Wei Po on October 31, the number of participants in violent shock activities that have lasted for more than four months has declined significantly although they still exist. However, in order to continue the violent atmosphere, some rioters plan to launch a simulation game called restore Hong Kong recently, in order to encourage young people to participate in the violence and attempt to continue the violence that has suffered all over Hong Kong.

According to the report, the game deliberately beautifies the scene of how the mob in black destroys Hong Kongs social order, including blocking roads and arson, by simulating pictures and special sound effects. The introduction of the game is more blatant about resisting tyranny with flesh and blood, which is to encourage the game operators to how to deal with the police and impact on the police line. To this end, the insiders criticized that under the current situation of rampant violence in Hong Kong, such games that openly exaggerate violence, especially the Hong Kong riots, should be banned from appearing on the Internet.

It is reported that the violent game is expected to be launched on the game platform steam in early November. The game maker claims that if it cant be put on the shelf, it will consider directly releasing the download link. They also clamored that recover Hong Kong is a simulation fight game, and there may be attack police with gasoline bombs and other contents in the future, but for smooth launch, so the first version will tend to defense.

In response, some people familiar with the matter said that the fan violence faction suddenly launched a violent game vigorously at this moment, which was obviously an attempt to add more fresh blood to the violent shock, push more students seeking stimulation to go to the front and continue the violence.

Some insiders who know about game production have criticized that they have always been very careful about games involving violence, especially in Hong Kong, where there is still violence, so it is necessary to reduce such violent games so as not to stimulate more mentally immature young people to participate in social violence activities.

In response, Wen Wei Po commented that many people in black initially participated with a game playing mentality and did not consider the serious consequences and legal responsibilities of this move, but finally paid for their future.

Tim Cook, CEO of apple. (source: Reuters)

It is worth mentioning that Apple Inc. recently launched an app hkmap. Live, which can be used by Hong Kong thugs to track police positions, which has aroused widespread public debate and criticism. The app was allegedly used to show the location of Hong Kong police officers, using insulting labels and words to refer to police officers, and then removed by apple.

Its no secret that technology can be used for the good or the bad, said Apple CEO Tim Cook. This case is no exception. The application is maliciously used to commit violence against police officers and to violate the personal and property security of those places without police protection. Putting the app into use violates Hong Kong law, as well as the no harm to individuals clause in Apples App Store guidelines.

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