Coke brings out ants! Merchant: Ive drunk ant wine myself

 Coke brings out ants! Merchant: Ive drunk ant wine myself

When eating or drinking

The most terrible thing

Not at the beginning or at the end

But halfway through

Take out foreign body suddenly

There is a neighborhood in Nanhai recently

Ive had a drink of coke for a third.

Suddenly drinking the thrill of living ants

A third of coke crawls out of several ants

On October 25, Mr. Kong and his colleagues from Nanhai Luo Village spent 50 yuan to order a set meal at a fast food restaurant in Nanhai Luo village.

A fast food restaurant where Mr. Kong bought coke

According to Mr. Kong, when he drank about a third of his coke, a group of ants crawled out of the drink.

Ants running out of coke

Mr. Kong guessed that the ants should have climbed up the mouth of the beverage machine along with the sweet taste, and the staff didnt clean it, so the ants poured out along the drink.

After experiencing the psychological stimulation, Mr. Kong also had physical discomfort.

On that day, after drinking coke, Mr. Kong had diarrhea. He went to the hospital and was diagnosed as acute gastroenteritis. The total diagnosis cost was about 500 yuan. And the attitude of the shop owner made Mr. Kong unacceptable.

Shopkeeper: Ive also drunk ant wine, which cant kill people

Mr. Kong said that not only did the shop not pay compensation, but it seemed that it was normal to drink ants. Anyway, it would not kill people.

Reporter then came to this fast food restaurant, the staff dismantled the nozzle on the spot, but the reporter did not find ants.

According to the reporters observation, there are publicity business license, food business license and employee health certificate in the store. The back kitchen is clean and sanitary as a whole, but there is also a small problem. The two garbage cans are not covered, and there is a little garbage in them. The beverage machine is next to one of the garbage cans, and there is a small cockroach on the wall.

Manager Huang, the head of the store, said that they usually have insect control work, but ants have always been a headache for them, because it is impossible to use drugs every day for food and drink, and they still cant solve the problem of flushing with water.

They said that they would strengthen insect control to deal with the problem of ants. As for the compensation for medical expenses proposed by Mr. Kong, manager Huang thought that it was impossible to prove that Mr. Kongs acute gastroenteritis was caused by drinking coke. You know ants can make wine, and I have drunk ants, otherwise I would not say that.

At present, the two sides are still in further consultation.

Source: responsible editor of Foshan TV station: Dai Wenjia, nb12498