Does Miss Beauty Pageant become airport refugee, end of the world or drama elite sells miserably?

 Does Miss Beauty Pageant become airport refugee, end of the world or drama elite sells miserably?

Photos of former Miss Iran bahare Zar BAHARI at a beauty contest

They will kill me! according to the Australian News Network on the 30th, BAHARI recently uploaded several rescue messages through his personal Facebook account, claiming that if he was deported, he would face at least 25 years imprisonment when he returned to Iran, or even raped, beaten and executed. On the 29th, she updated the video for help again, saying that she had been trapped at Manila International Airport for 13 days and felt that she had mental problems. Although she had previously pleaded with the Philippines to accept her asylum application, in the new video she has begun to appeal to third-party countries to intervene, saying the Philippines is no longer safe. The Philippines ABS-CBN News Network said in an interview two days ago that she may have been targeted by senior officials of the Iranian embassy in Manila.

BAHARI is an Iranian who has studied in the Philippines since 2014. She is a medical student, majoring in dentistry, and has not graduated yet. In addition to her study, she also works part-time as a model in her spare time. In 2018, on behalf of Iran, she made her way to the global finals of Miss intercontinental beauty pageant held in Manila, which has a long history. In her resume, she claims that she loves dance, Persian Literature and all kinds of martial arts. Her dream is that one day her country will realize freedom and equality.

BAHARI ended her holiday in Dubai on the 17th of this month, but was stopped by staff at Manila International Airport when she returned, and was told that there was something wrong with her visa - she could not enter the country and should return to Iran immediately. In this regard, BAHARI strongly refused to stand up to the airport. After that, she spent two weeks in a waiting room in terminal 3 of the airport, almost becoming a refugee in the eyes of Western media.

According to the daily telegraph, BAHARIs situation has attracted the attention of international human rights organizations. Human Rights Watch has previously called on the Philippine authorities to treat her claims fairly and provide her with corresponding support - such as legal aid, assistance in filling out relevant asylum application materials, etc. However, according to Filipino media, the conditions provided by the airport for her are quite good. She currently lives in a single room with a bed for rest.

Philippine officials have another explanation for BAHARIs predicament. According to the countrys immigration bureau, the student is currently a suspect in a criminal case, suspected of seriously injuring an Iranian compatriot in dagupan City, the Philippines, and the victim reported the case after returning to Iran. Entrusted by the Iranian authorities, Interpol has issued a red notice to her - the so-called red wanted. The reason why the Philippine authorities forbid her entry is precisely because of her fugitive status. According to legal experts, the effectiveness of the red order is limited, which does not mean that the notified country must immediately arrest, and the Philippines has only adopted a relatively conservative response.

However, Philippine officials have expressed dissatisfaction with BAHARIs improper words and deeds. An official revealed that she once asked a male friend for help at the airport, and the two played a noisy airport trick together: her friend was arrested for shouting and breaking through the security check, while she herself loudly cursed all of you Filipinos should die. Foreigners should learn to respect the laws of our country. Her misconduct and derogatory remarks give us more reasons to refuse her entry, commented mohante, director of immigration.

BAHARI (infographic) source: Fox News

According to the descriptions of many Western media, BAHARI seems to have violated the Iranian authorities because of advocating human rights, womens rights, freedom and other lofty undertakings, which led to the pursuit. In an interview with CNN, she said Tehran wanted her to keep quiet because of her political stance. She denied the accusation of injury, saying it was a huge lie.

According to the Philippine Star, BAHARI has repeatedly targeted his country when he participated in beauty contests. She wrote in her resume that Iran has many restrictions on women, so she decided to leave her country and start a new life. When she was interviewed as a contestant, she made serious accusations against the Iranian government, not only making it clear that I am against the current government, but also criticizing the state power of the country as terrorism; one of the important reasons for her participation was to speak for the Iranian people.

As of Wednesday, neither the Iranian government nor its embassy in Manila had commented on the matter, and BAHARIs future fate remained unclear. On social media, many netizens expressed sympathy and support for her, but others despised her, believing that her credibility was not high and it was shameful to belittle her countrys upper position. Other netizens satirized that BAHARIs current predicament had little to do with her political position, which was a brain problem.