Wu Lei: before playing Levant, I thought about whether to return to China or not. One of the fans changed me

 Wu Lei: before playing Levant, I thought about whether to return to China or not. One of the fans changed me

If there is no burden in my heart, it must be a lie. I know that every move I make on the court will be watched and commented on in a magnifying glass. Lets open our hearts and talk about our recent mentality this week.

As time goes on, I feel that I will be bound by more factors on the court. Every game has different tactics and arrangements, and different teams characteristics and weaknesses have been studied. I have gradually changed from a new team member to an old team member. Textbook type fixed templates are often inadvertently put on my head like a tight hoop charm.

Sometimes I feel like an actor on the stage. The more I want to follow the script, the less I can shape my role. Many people say these weeks are the most difficult period of my career, and I dont deny it from some angles. I am also reflecting on myself, how can I put down all the burdens, just like the clock hanging on the wall, when midnight comes, it will start from scratch. Only by returning to zero, there will be a new cycle and a new highlight.

To be honest, before the match with Levant (October 28, Beijing time), I had really flashed pictures in my mind. What if I cant catch the ball? Do you want to change your team in Europe or go back to China? Do you want to sit on the bench or give up? I dont want my overseas experience to be sneered at or ridiculed. I dont want to see the same group of people who jeer at me and flatter me in the end. But if the reality destroys the ideal, what should I do?

But when I walked out of the stadium at the end of the match with Levant, when I saw that there were so many Spanish fans and Chinese fans shouting their names even if I didnt play in a minute, all the ideas about giving up were shattered in my mind.

When a fan made two or three flights from China to Barcelona, he went to the clubs fan shop to buy my jersey and scarf, then drove for several hours to Valencia, and finally arrived at the stadium after dozens of hours. Unfortunately, he didnt wait for me to appear, but he kept shouting my name. Except for thanks, my mind was only Trabajo! Trabajo! Trabajo! M Asfuerte! Masfuerte! Masfuerte! (train hard! Training! Training! Get stronger! Stronger! Stronger!) Only with no distractions and redoubled efforts, can we not leave regrets and waste our youth.

Its true that playing abroad is not as easy as you think. Even before going abroad, I have anticipated all kinds of difficulties. The life that I used to live is trivial. Sometimes I am at a loss in a strange environment. All these are precious wealth on the road of life. I want to digest, adjust, hone and precipitate. To thoroughly enjoy life, training and competition in this pure European environment! As the song says:

How long and how long the future will be

Accompany you until the end of the story

Source: Netease sports Author: Wu Lei, Zhou Ji, editor in charge: Xu Song, ns1943