British media: apple sells assembled in India iPhone

 British media: apple sells assembled in India iPhone

Apple has started selling popular iphonexrs assembled in India, the company hopes to expand its share of the worlds second-largest smartphone market, according to foreign media.

According to Reuters on October 29, the iPhone x R is being assembled at an Indian factory.

On October 29, iphonexrboxes with assembled in India labels were found in many electronics retail stores in India, with a price tag of 64GB version of 49900 Indian rupees (1 yuan about 10.1 Indian Rupees), the report said.

In the face of fierce competition from high-end smartphones such as Samsung and Yijia mobile phones, in response to the long-term slowdown in sales, Apple has slashed the price of iPhone XRS in India.

Earlier this year, Reuters reported that the company would assemble its high-end iPhone in India, the report said.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The report also said the Indian government tried to position itself as a smartphone manufacturing center.

Information pictures. Xinhua News Agency / American Federation

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