Inside exposure! What did Irwin do? Is it really a cancer of brain damage? Or Kobe Bryant?

 Inside exposure! What did Irwin do? Is it really a cancer of brain damage? Or Kobe Bryant?

The first two decades of the 21st century are about to pass. If you look at the history of NBA and basketball, 20 years is not too long. However, in the last two decades, there have been too many changes, not to be traced back to the ancient times. Even compared with Jordans era, todays basketball games are totally different.

In the past two decades, Kobe Bryant has said that no one dare to be the first. In 2005-06 season, he averaged 27.2 points and got 35.4 points, pushing one mans Basketball to the extreme.

By last season, harden had averaged 36.1 points over him. Although the usage rate is high enough to break through the sky, harden and Kobe are different in the end. 11 free throws per game, 4.8 points, total rejection of the middle distance - if Kobe Bryant still faces the conflict between himself and the system, then Hardon directly ends the conflict - he is the system alone.

Kobes 2006 is too hard to copy, so Erwins performance today makes sherben, who has been a Laker reporter for many years in Los Angeles, also lament.

Its true that its only possible for Owen, who has Kobes complex since he was a kid.

Owens career peak was in the 2016 finals G7. When he scored three points for the Cavaliers and helped the team win the teams first ever title, he didnt have much to say on the social network, but sent a classic picture of Kobe Bryant winning the title in 2001.

At that time, Kobe Bryant was wearing a Lakers championship themed jacket, sitting in a corner with a golden cup in his arms, thinking as if the crazy celebration around the dressing room had nothing to do with him. The champion is won by the team. However, the moment recorded in the camera is all the flavor of being independent.

Combined with what happened to Bryant later, his celebration was even more intriguing. As his personal ability grew stronger and stronger, he could no longer bear the tactical position that the Lakers gave ONeal. The two men started a power war, which eventually led to the chaos in the dressing room and directly exploded after losing the 2004 finals.

In 2016, Irwin posted the photo before Kobes transformation and added: such is the mood...

He left a lot of room for interpretation. His mood is the excitement after winning the championship? Or the experience of loneliness? Why is he lonely? What is his dissatisfaction?

A year later, he gave us the answer. After three years in a row to reach the finals, he surprised everyone, put forward a deal application to the Cavaliers.

At that moment, his heart should be happy. The so-called silent has been a surprise. In the past, no one listened to LeBron. But when he says, I dont want to be a teammate with LeBron anymore, everyone has to listen. He muses like Kobe Bryant, 23, and then makes the decision to leave.

The Lakers were completely rebuilt, far away from the championship, and ONeal has been making all sorts of mockery of Kobe for years. In the media narrative, Kobe Bryant is not a qualified leader. But Bryant finally managed to fight back, leading the team to two championships.

Perhaps Irwin believes that he can also embark on the road of independence. But he forgot one thing: when Kobe Bryant and ONeal are irreconcilable, its not ONeal that the Lakers boss ultimately chooses. In the Knights case, LeBron was reluctant to expand the conflict. Even though he hoped that the management would force Irwin to stay, the Knights boss resolutely sent him away.

In 2017, Brian wenhorst, an ESPN insider close to LeBron, made a prediction:

Irwin thinks hes Kobe. But in other peoples eyes, hes just a Marbury.

* * * * *

When Irwin was four years old, his mother Elizabeth died of illness, not even leaving much memory for him. His father, Derek, raised him on his own, and they were very close.

His parents met at Boston University. When old Irving graduated from university and went to play in the Australian professional league, Elizabeth also went with him, but soon they broke up. Elizabeth has half of the native Sioux in America, so Irwin has gone deep into the Liyan Sioux tribe in the United States in recent years to understand their cultural background and made a charitable donation.

After returning to the United States with their father, they were at their home in xinzexian, where Owen grew up watching his father compete. Because his father is an alumnus of Boston University, Irwin has also participated in the basketball skills training camp organized by the school, and received a scholarship invitation from Boda in the fifth grade, which is almost child star treatment.

He became famous on the court in his high school days, and was also a student when he chose a university. In 2009, he announced his decision to join Duke in the live TV broadcast of espnu channel. But in his freshman year, he missed 26 games because of injury, and finally only played 11 games for the blue devils.

His reputation in high school (such as his 17-year-old U.S. basketball U18 trial, only played 4 minutes to pass the interview) and the trust of basketball circle in his talent still made him the top pick in 2011.

Cleveland was still enraged by LeBron, and Irving at least gave them some hope. In the three years of leading the team alone, if you only look at personal achievements, Owen is indeed the top.

181 games, 20.7 points 3.7 rebounds 5.8 assists, 3-point shooting rate 37.8%. In the All-Star rookie challenge, 34 points out of 8-3 points were scored to get MVP; the best rookie was won without any suspense; all the rookies were selected as the first team of the best rookie lineup; the second year was selected as the All-Star substitute; the third year became the All-Star starter and got 31 points and 14 assists to win MVP honor.

Its no worse than LeBrons rise, but Owen is no better than Clevelands worship as the Savior. Its about because LeBron has brought the Cavaliers 50 wins in the third year of his career and made it to the eastern semi-final to enter the championship. In the third year of Owens career, the Cavaliers have won 24 wins, only 5 more than before he joined, still is Fish breast.

In addition, the deterioration of his relationship with Vitus has led to the split of the dressing room, the quarrel in the players meeting and almost a big fight (Vitus accused Irwin and Thompson of bullying him together and deliberately not passing to him). These farces are even more tiring.

But piety is not always good. Last season Durant was blunt, saying that LeBrons environment was toxic, and Owen must have been very upset.

The first year of LeBrons return to the knights, the Knights visited the nets, was Irwin suggested that the whole team put on the T-shirt to protest the polices abuse of violence against black people to warm up, but the media all threw the problem to LeBron, adding another point to LeBrons political consciousness. When this kind of thing happens again and again, Irwin cant stand it after all.

But Owen in 2017 is fundamentally different from Kobe in 2004.

Its his anger that drives Kobe against ONeal. Bryant has explained more than once that he despises ONeals lazy attitude and believes the Lakers should not let such a person become a leader. If ONeal works as hard as I do, we have to win 12 titles. Bryant still said that this year (ONeal is still angry).

But the power that drives Irwin against LeBron is his jealousy. He envied the knights for giving LeBron supremacy superstar privileges, envied that the media were all around LeBron and had no interest in what he did or said.

* * * * *

Joining Celtic seems to be a logical move. Irwin didnt mention little about his father in an interview. He played family cards to get close to the racist city (Russell played here with less than 10% of Bostons black population, now around 25%).

He wanted to be a leader, but the situation in Boston was almost baked on the fire, and he was unable to serve the public, so he soon lost patience. By the middle of the season, they began to publicly blame their teammates.

He didnt want to save it. After the defeat, he went back to the heat to practice, but no teammate wanted to accompany him. In the Magic World War I, when the conflict escalated, Hayward didnt perform the last round of tactical arrangements, passed the ball to Tatum, Irwin directly air exploded, directly and publicly questioned why Hayward did so.

After the game, Owen again criticized his teammates for their lack of experience. Although he later apologized for this, these remarks have damaged his position in the dressing room and the publics evaluation of him.

And these criticisms culminated in the playoffs. For the Bucks G2, he scored only 9 points on 4 of 18 shots, and said, thats my job.

The promise of staying in Boston has become a memory that cant be recalled. Apart from internal strife, the biggest topic of his short-term work in the green army is about the theory of horizon, which has been repeatedly mentioned by reporters.

Its not easy to guess how Irwin usually gets information. But he believed in the theory of horizon, the murder of President Kennedy by the Federal Reserve, the disappearance of Bob Marley by the CIA, which made people have to wonder whether he usually watched the far right video on YouTube. Even a professor of astronomy at Duke University invited him to return to his alma mater for re education sometime.

Over the course of the year, Owen apologized many times, to his teammates, to the public against the theory of horizon, and to LeBron. But he doesnt really think hes wrong.

At the beginning of the season, LeBrons attitude towards his teammates passive aggressive is his true story; Kobes suggestion is to start a fight in the dressing room. Arent LeBron and Kobe respected in this way? Why cant he?

So to the nets, the season has not yet begun, he has given the team xiamawei.

In July, the dust of the free market just settled. The nets organized a mini training camp in Los Angeles, hoping that the new lineup could run in advance. In addition to their daily training, they also conduct physical tests on players, require them to wear monitoring equipment and make statistics on biological data. But unexpectedly, Irwin refused to participate.

Nets management is embarrassed, in the process of communication and persuasion, Irwin again clearly told them: I will not.

We still need to take the time to build trust, general manager Malks told the media.

In fact, Durant and Jordan had different opinions about the detailed training schedule set by the basketball net, but only Irwin was caught as a typical one because he was the most fierce. Just as Xiao Hua called the players to a meeting when he was in China, it was also Irwin who put forward the most extreme proposal for strike.

There are other episodes in China. When the nets shot the family portrait in Lujiazui, only Irwin refused to cooperate with the photographer to take off the hat and let them deal with it later.

The nets are clearly prepared for Owens strange temper. His former teammates have also said that when Irwin gets angry, he often falls into isolation and refuses to communicate with the coaching staff, management and teammates. During the Chinese game, he also played this one, which made the nets headache.

* * * * *

Before leaving the Cavaliers, Owen received 1169 passes from LeBron in 2016-17. His average score (25.2%), shot (19.7) and effective hit rate (53.5%) all reached career highs.

The Cavaliers lost 120 points in 635 minutes when Irwin was there and LeBron was not. In LeBrons eight truce games, Owen led the team to a 0-8 record.

He wasnt Pippen without Jordan, Jabbar without magic, or Kobe without ONeal. He was more like Marbury without Garnett.

Marburys jealousy for Garnetts big contract was almost candid. After leaving Minnesota, his career went from bad to worse, and finally he became a mental patient in New York.

Irwin, who was rejected and ignored by his teammates in the green army, realized LeBrons helplessness, which also prompted him to call for an apology. At least on this point, he is better than Marbury.

This is the age of superstar autonomy. Irwin chose to put himself on the team, and no one can stop him. But the wisdom of doing so is another question.

He joined up with Durant and Jordan in the nets, which is also LeBrons way. In 2016, they got to know each other at the Rio Olympics, and then proposed the possibility of following the example of the three giants of the heat.

Durant and Jordan have been iron for many years. For Irwin, at least now he is full of trust and respect.

Kerry and I didnt have a very good relationship at the beginning. Durant said: he has just had a long season and is a bit out of form in Rio. Hes very tired, so he doesnt put in that much. As a teammate, Im a little bit of him. This is why our friendship began. He was willing to let me mention it and communicate with me, but it enhanced our respect for each other.

They have common topics and can understand each other. Like Durant, Irwin is obsessed with the 24-hour news cycle on social networks. But compared with Durant, who fights with netizens and journalists head-on, Irwin deleted all news and social applications on his mobile phone.

Because those things will bother him. Former teammate rosier said.

Source: Netease sports Author: Kewell editor in charge: Ouyang yan_ns4899