Paris master saideyues first battle: risk and rescue

 Paris master saideyues first battle: risk and rescue

Last years runner up Djokovic enjoyed the first round of air rotation treatment, facing the first opponent is the host lucky loser modate. At present, the latter ranks only 97 in the world, and has never played with Germany or Jordan before.

In the first set, the state of fighting for the German treaty was not good. He made many mistakes to give gifts to mortate, and the French dark horse broke the first, and took two counts in the ninth game of the German treaty. Despite the full support of the audience at the scene, mortate was able to bury two precious opportunities. Deyo adventure Insurance Co., Ltd. Mortate was under great pressure in the subsequent serve winning set, and Deyo successfully broke back with his opponents racket. After returning to balance, the two sides fought to snatch seven. Modates mentality fluctuated, and Deyue only lost 2 points.

In the second set of the match, Deyo is getting better and better to control the situation. The number one seed holds two break advantage and is broken back by mortate. Deyo steadied his position in time, and the top seed won the 10th serve successfully, setting the score at 6-4.

In order to compete for the first place in the world at the end of the year, DJO has to keep the gap between himself and Nadal within 1500 points, and Nadal can lock in No.1 at the end of the year as long as he wins the Paris Masters. In the third round, Djokovic will play against Englands Edmond. Serbias king of heaven won 4-1 in the two mens record. Edmonds only victory came from the clay arena of the 2018 Madrid Masters.