Go to Dongguan for the opening battle! Diezhong fan airport for Liaoning basketball

 Go to Dongguan for the opening battle! Diezhong fan airport for Liaoning basketball

The team members are relaxed and junior brother has purple earbuds

In preparation for the opening battle on Friday, liaolan left for Dongguan, Guangdong Province yesterday. At 11:30, the bus of Liaoning mens basketball team arrived at Taoxian airport. The team members went into the waiting hall one after another to wait for check-in related matters. From the look, everyones mental state was relaxed, chatting with each other, and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Seeing idols, many fans have come forward to ask for autographs, and the players have also met everyones needs. Stephenson, the junior brother, was wearing a purple headset to listen to the music, which was very conspicuous in the crowd, while buss patiently signed for the fans. Among the hardcore fans of Liaoning basketball, Li, the fan, held up the slogan of the goal of Liaoning basketball remains unchanged to cheer for the team and hope that Liaoning basketball can achieve good results in the opening battle.

During the whole flight, some of the team members relax by listening to music, some read books or have a nap. After more than 3 hours flight and more than 1 hour drive, liaolan arrived at the hotel near 7 oclock in the evening. After a short adjustment, we went to the restaurant to have a simple dinner, then we went back to their rooms to rest and put into todays training in the best condition.

The young players are eager to show themselves

Recently, Liaoning mens basketball team has been running in the lineup. Zhao Jiwei and Guo Allen on the defensive line are getting better. In the new season, they will form a new local guard line with Gao Shiyan to shoulder the task of attack and defense of the team. In order to get back to the game as soon as possible, Zhao Jiwei is also training for himself. Alan and I havent been back from the national team for a long time, and we still dont have enough time to train and play together. In this period of time, we will work hard to achieve the best condition as soon as possible. The new season teams lineup change is quite big, now the running in is getting better.

In the new season, Liaoning basketball team will not only attack the target, but also train more young players. In the previous training and competition, Wang Huadong showed his own characteristics. In addition to his outstanding physical quality, he also has a certain ability of outside projection. I have been playing with the youth team before, but there are still some gaps between the youth team and the adult team. There are gaps in technical links and experience. In training, we need to improve ourselves constantly. After playing, we need to concentrate and try our best to give full play to our strengths. Wang Huadong said.

Li Qingshi, director of financial media of Shenyang evening news and Shenyang daily, from Dongguan

Source: responsible editor of Shenyang Evening News: Ma bile, ns4800