Real Madrids 60 million euro disappear breakthrough of new aid 0! Most looking forward to the combination of Gemini stars

 Real Madrids 60 million euro disappear breakthrough of new aid 0! Most looking forward to the combination of Gemini stars

At present, leganese is only at the bottom of the Spanish championship with 5 points, but Real Madrid did not underestimate the enemy in this game and still sent out the main team to fight. In the whole match, Real Madrid had an absolute advantage, with a ball control rate of more than 60%. The team shot 22 times, 11 of which were straight shots, while leganese only shot three times. In the 70th minute of the match, Real Madrid replaced Benzema, who scored one goal and assisted twice, with jovic.

After playing, jovic had a strong desire to score goals. He shot on the forbidden area line soon after playing, but the ball missed the bottom line. In the 74th minute, jovic once got a pass from kawahar and scored the goal, but the linesman raised his flag to indicate that jovic was offside first and the goal was judged invalid. Slow motion replay shows that jovic was offside before catching the ball, which is a correct penalty.

Just when it was thought that jovics goal drought would continue, he finally scored at the end of the game. At that time, in the first minute of stoppage time, kawahars right cross, jovic suddenly jumped in between the two defenders of the other side to get rid of the defense, and then made a close header to break the goal. Although leiganez goalkeeper Soriano made a flying save, he still couldnt prevent the football from flying into the goal. Jovics goal helped real secure the win 5-0.

Jovic and Azars Gemini finally merge

Although jovics first goal was cancelled because of offside, he scored a second goal later, the as said. The Serbian striker is a real killer in the penalty area. He showed his excellent running position and header against leganese. Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane said: this goal is very important for jovic, we are happy for him.

Although the goal has no impact on the outcome of the game, it is very important for jovic, which is his first goal for Real Madrid. Jovic scored 17 goals in the Bundesliga last season and 10 in the Europa League, with real spending 60 million euros this summer to bring him in. But jovich in Real Madrid has always been unable to find a sense of goal, was once criticized as a big water. Now jovic has finally ended his goal drought at Real Madrid, hoping he can score more goals for the team in the future.

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