Lin Zhengyue: no reason can rationalize violence

 Lin Zhengyue: no reason can rationalize violence

Britains Asia house held an economic and Trade Conference in Hong Kong on the same day, and Lin Zhengyue attended and delivered a keynote speech. She pointed out that the escalating violence from June to now has damaged Hong Kongs economy, endangering the tourism industry as well as many related industries such as retail, catering and transportation. In the first half of this month, the tourism industry faced a half year-on-year decrease in the number of tourists, and the retail industry experienced the largest drop in the total retail sales of a single month on year since records began in August.

Violence cannot be rationalized for any reason, and our top priority is to stop violence as soon as possible and restore the rule of law and order, Lin said.

She said that the Hong Kong Police and other departments of the SAR government are working together to achieve the goal of curbing violence and chaos. Once the society returns to calm, the SAR government will focus on solving the deep-seated problems revealed in more than four months of demonstrations.

At the same time, the SAR government will redouble its efforts to expand its external links, including strengthening economic and trade relations with ASEAN and the United Kingdom, and giving full play to its advantages in finance, services, innovation and technology, and actively participating in the construction of the Tai Wan area and the one belt and one road in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, so that Hongkong will continue to play a key role in the global economy and trade.

The SAR government has recently launched three rounds of economic rescue measures with a total amount of more than HK $20 billion to support SMEs in trouble. Lin stressed that these rescue measures can not be used as a solution to Hong Kongs current problems. To truly achieve the goal of solving the problem, we must adhere to the principles of one country, two systems and the rule of law to make Hong Kong successful.

Source: editor in charge of Xinhua News Agency: Dai Wenjia, nb12498