Germany Cup - Brandts 3-minute 2-goal reversal 2-1 elimination of mending

 Germany Cup - Brandts 3-minute 2-goal reversal 2-1 elimination of mending


In the 17th minute, Schulzs left cross, Larson tackled Zakaria and shoved the ball out. In the 19th minute, Brandt sent a straight plug in the middle circle, Larson knocked the front edge of the penalty area, and Azars shot was blocked out of the bottom line by the defensive guard. In the 20th minute, Azars volley outside the penalty area curved and was blocked by the crossbeam. The 38th minute, Mengxings Cross, the center of the penalty area acangi didnt kick the ball, after the point Thuram shot by Hitz blocked.

In the first half, the two teams handed each other a blank 0-0. In the 46th minute, Brandt passed the ball, weigers head flicked to the top of the goal, and Sommer fell to hold him. The 53rd minute, Azar left free kick cross, Brandt snatched the point failed, the ball turned to the goal, was held by Sommer.

The 71st minute, the left side of mung Hing winter 45 degrees cross, Thuram forbidden area in the high jump head hammer break, mung Hing 1-0.

In the 77th minute, Brant took pishchak and shot from the forbidden area. The ball was refracted into the net by elvidi and zacharia, 1-1.

In the 80th minute, Brent knocked the ball to gerzer. Gerzer scored, Azar passed the ball on the right. Brents header in the middle got the goal and DORT 2-1 exceeded the score.

In the end, DORTs home 2-1 reversal of Monroe, eliminated the opponent into the last 16.

Starting Line-up

DORT (4231): Hitz / pishchak, akanji, zagadu, Schulz (69geze) / Weigel, vitsell / Sancho, Brent, Azar / Larsen (63ashraf)

Mengxing (4123): Sommer / Lena, Bayer, elvedi, bensebini (31winter) / Zacarias / Bernes, Neuhaus / Hoffman (88markredis), Thuram, stindall