Carling Cup - Rushford penalty + elevator ball Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea advance to the top 8

 Carling Cup - Rushford penalty + elevator ball Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea advance to the top 8

In the fifth minute, Odom passed the ball, and PRISICs 12 yard shot was blocked by lindloff. The 11th minute, mctominay flying shovel kovachic received a yellow card. In the 13th minute, James scored a low flat corner from the right corner, and mctominay missed his right foot shot at 12 yards. The first 15 minutes, Zuma in the restricted area to break through the cross to James, James right rib 12 yards left foot shot to play. In the 18th minute, bashuai stepped on mctominay to receive the yellow card.

In the 24th minute, after mctominay and James combined in the middle and front court to seize Alonso, James took the ball into the forbidden area and was thrown down by Alonso behind him. The referee ordered a penalty, and Rushfords penalty deceived the goalkeeper to score, and Manchester United led 1-0.

The 36th minute, Rushford pass, lingard long-range shot by Caballero. At the end of the first half, Manchester United led 1-0. Although Chelsea had 64% possession of the ball, they didnt create a good chance. Only two shots were missed.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 50th minute, Alonso passed from the left side, and the defenceless odome in the middle didnt judge the goal from the 6 yard drop point. The 52nd minute, Chelsea counterattack 3 to 3, Williams in the restricted area key tackle intercepted Gilmores straight plug, Gilmore 20 yards shot was blocked by roho. The 57th minute, pulisic midfield long pass, aoduo Yi inserted 18 yards to the right side of the right foot volley hit high.

In the 61st minute, kabarello took back the ball and broke through. After basuyayi stopped, he took the ball to the top of the free throw arc and shot low on his right foot. The ball flew into the lower right corner. Chelsea 1-1 United.

In the 66th minute, machal replaced lindloff and United returned to four defenders. In the 70th minute, Chelsea changed two attacking players in a row. In the 71st minute, mctominays long-range shot was blocked.

The 73rd minute, Rushford penalty 30 yards in the middle of the free kick right foot shot to hit the elevator ball, the ball directly hanging on the top left corner, Chelsea 1-2 Manchester United.

The 81st minute, Abraham passes, Alonso left rib 10 yards place shoots by Romero saves the baseline. After the corner kick, Zumas head shot missed.

Chelsea (433): 13 cabarello / 24 Rees James, 15 Zuma, 44 guy, 3 Alonso / 47 Gilmore (7019 mount), 5 jorinho, 17 kovachic / 20 Odom, 23 bashuai (789 Abraham), 22 pulisic (7011 PEDro)