Todays young people cant get up in bed every day

 Todays young people cant get up in bed every day

In the morning, however, there is no place in the world more comfortable than a bed. After the five alarm clocks are set, people who have difficulty getting up press wait again and again to keep sleeping until the last minute. Breakfast is not free. The bus and subway are pinching. You cant miss the most critical shift. The company has to jog for two steps to punch in the card. The time is just right.

So, is getting up difficult still saved? Why cant you get up early after trying all kinds of methods? How to make getting up painless?

1. In order to get up early, it is very difficult for households to get up.

In order to have an early life, the families who have difficulty getting up have tried various ways to pull themselves out of bed.

The most basic one is this kind of continuous alarm clock. There are 5 alarm clocks in 10 minutes. One can call himself up! (suspicious face)

If you spell a little more, youll use the alarm clock that Richard Taylor, the 2017 Nobel Prize winner in economics, suggested in booster, to put it out of reach, so that you have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm clock. (well, press it and go to sleep.)

Or pay money to join all kinds of early start punch groups, and set an early start time for yourself. If you dont punch in the set time, your money will be equally distributed to your early start friends.

These are not enough. People who have difficulty getting up have also found various ways to force themselves to get up with big brain holes, such as what kind of urine clock method, Pavlovian method, wonderful alarm clock method...

Urine clock method: calculate the time before going to bed, drink a certain amount of water, and wake up when the time comes. There is also a quantitative explanation for this method. For example, if you want to sleep for 8 hours, you need to drink half a glass of water before going to bed. If you want to sleep for 6 hours, you need to drink 1.5 cups of water before going to bed.

Pavlovs wake up method: imagine yourself as Pavlovs dog. Use classic conditioned reflex to simulate the alarm clock in the daytime, turn off the alarm clock, sit up, get out of bed, put on clothes and other actions immediately. Repeat 1-2 groups every day, 3-10 times for each group. After a period of training, you will gradually develop the habit of getting up immediately when you hear the alarm.

Wonderful alarm clock method: the alarm clock will stop only when the person has to complete the specified task according to the prompts. Including but not limited to huffing, smiling, doing arithmetic, shaking 20 times. Or theres this kind of alarm clock with a roller. If you dont get up, it will run around, far and near, and wander...

2. Its hard to get up in bed, but the reasons are various.

The main reason why I cant get up in bed is that I sleep too little. To get up early without going to bed is to play hooligans. So why cant you go to bed early? At 11:00 p.m., the work group is still under the leadership of @ to arrange work. During the day, they rely on coffee, stay up late at night for revenge, play mobile iPad before sleep, play drama and play games, so happy... Not enough sleep, how can you get up?

Secondly, being waked up by an alarm clock at an inappropriate time will also lead to being unable to get up.

And most of the time, the alarm clock will not be suitable to wake you up at other stages. At this time, you will wake up drowsy and even appear question mark three even: who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

This period of drowsy time is called sleep inertia, and the stronger you wake up, the greater the sleep inertia, and even trigger a strong wake-up gas. As soon as I got up angry, I decided to go to sleep. After all, its good to sleep back for a while. Its always good to sleep.

There are also some people who sleep well, but cant get up in the last minute, which is actually getting up late. Like all procrastination disorders, our brain itself is an organ that only focuses on the immediate happiness, regardless of the future life and death. The brains judgment of being unable to afford is not determined by the benefits it can bring, but by the amount of dopamine at present. After all, its 1000 times more comfortable to sleep in a warm quilt than to fight against the pressure mountain life after getting up, or to carry out the plan of naturally merging eggs. Of course, its necessary to keep the comfort to the last second.

In the end, if you really cant get up from childhood, give up, because there is no early rise in your genes. Although everyone has their own circadian rhythm, which we usually call biological clock, some people are born early bird, some people are born night owl.

After investigating nearly 700000 people, scientists also found 351 genes that affect whether people get up early or stay up late.

Although age, gender, surrounding environment (such as light, CO2 concentration) and other conditions can affect sleep patterns, in general, the circadian rhythm preference of each person is more affected by genetic variation. Therefore, if you cant get up in the morning, it doesnt have to be willpower, but more than 300 genes dont cooperate.

3. Is there a real painless way to get up?

There is no infallible way to get up early in the world, but there are still some ways to make you feel better when you get up.

To really get up early, the key is to go to bed early and find the sleep time you need. So how to judge how long to sleep? Try going to bed 15 minutes earlier tonight to see if you need to wake up with an alarm clock tomorrow. If so, go to bed 15 minutes earlier until you wake up naturally. Thats the normal sleep length you need.

Do not play mobile phones, iPads and other electronic devices at night. Because the blue light emitted by electronic equipment will always produce melatonin, which will interfere with normal sleep. Playing mobile phone before going to bed is more sleepy than not.

Open the curtains / lights and open the windows as soon as you wake up. Light will interfere with the production of melatonin. When you wake up, you can open the curtain and turn on the light, which can make the melatonin in your body fade slowly, and make people wake up as soon as possible. In addition, due to the high concentration of carbon dioxide in the room without opening windows all night, it will directly lead to drowsiness after waking up, so sometimes its not that you want to stay in bed, but that carbon dioxide will daze you.

But can you go to bed early? Can you avoid playing mobile phone before going to bed? Can I turn on the light and open the window immediately after I wake up? So, dont struggle, your trouble getting up really cant be saved! Dont give up. Maybe you can try these violent ways of getting up. I think it should be useful...

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