Hong Kong activists launched stop buying Taobao: buy after double 11

 Hong Kong activists launched stop buying Taobao: buy after double 11

Later, the topic was moved to Hong Kongs Liandeng forum. According to the post, Hong Kong ranked first among the overseas regions exported at last years Taobao double 11 Shopping Festival. This year, we will stop buying all mainland online shopping through double 11, especially Taobao and tmall, which will change double 11 into injury 11. They also boasted that they wanted to produce a Chinese British controlled propaganda and boycott Taobao together with Taiwan, the United States and other overseas regions.

The poster knew that stop buying Taobao was not feasible, so he came up with a way to resist: dont be greedy for small things and cheap, buy before or after the double 11, and make low data of it (Taobao).

However, there are few respondents. Some people think its impossible to stop buying Taobao completely: its OK to reduce the purchase, and its impossible to tell people not to buy at all.

There is also even Dengzai self proclaimed that many activists who cry out to boycott the mainland are actually inseparable from Taobao, Hong Kong people cant give up Taobao, and the three (demonstration) front lines they know are still Taobao buying backpack gloves, colleagues said they want to boycott the mainland while buying the whole table of Taobao goods.

According to Alibaba data, Hong Kong ranked first in all overseas regions in terms of commodity exports during the double 11 2018. Every year, before the double 11, there are huge posters on the streets of Hong Kong, and the media have made strategies to teach buyers how to save money or free of freight. The shops also take advantage of the double 11 to promote sales, which is a festival atmosphere.

Source: editor in charge of global network: Wang Fengzhi, nt2541