Jueming poison master opened a express company for drug trafficking and staged a heart breaking drug war

 Jueming poison master opened a express company for drug trafficking and staged a heart breaking drug war

CCTV news: Recently, the police in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province succeeded in killing a drug trafficking group across many provinces. This case is full of accidents. The beginning of the case should start with a mysterious express delivery.

Master the way of delivering drugs by express to trace the whereabouts of the sender

In August 2019, the anti drug brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau captured several drug traffickers. After the investigation, the police found that the drugs in their hands were transported from Zhuhai to Harbin. And their drug delivery methods are all ordinary express delivery, so the sender of these express delivery is a cover identity or really involved in the case?

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: we found that the name of Jilin people is Ding. He has lived in Zhuhai for a long time, living in Mahjong hall, and also as a cover for drug trafficking.

After confirming that Ding was indeed involved in drugs, the police immediately set up a task force and rushed to Zhuhai to trace the whereabouts of Ding. The police arrived at the mahjong hall operated by Ding. Due to the big difference of accent between the northeast and the south, the police didnt rush in, but conducted secret investigation in the car. When Ding and his men left the mahjong hall, the police followed Ding to a residential building.

Policeman: it seems that the curtain is closed and the window is still open. Well, the window is still like that.

Find out the rules. The drug business is all outside the province.

The police judge that this room should be Dings foothold. Later, the police launched a follow-up investigation on Ding for more than half a month. After finding out the living rules of Ding, the police found that Ding never sold drugs in Zhuhai, and his drug business was all located outside the province. Several drug traffickers captured in Harbin were one of the drug downlines of Ding.

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: (Ding MOU) to cover up the drug trafficking, he specially cooperated with others and invested to open a express company. In the express company, the package can be sealed without passing the security check.

At this time, the task force has obtained the evidence of Dings drug trafficking, but there is still no clue about Dings drug source. Through repeated study and judgment of Dings activity track, the police found that Ding would drive tens of kilometers away from Zhuhai to the nearby Zhongshan City before mailing drugs, secretly meeting a man named sun.

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: (Sun Mou) a Ganma was arrested by the public security bureau because she was making drugs locally. Now she should have been sentenced to death. This kid (sun) drives well. The so-called Ganma always takes him with him. He drives back and forth to deliver goods (drugs). He drives well and transports goods back and forth.

Follow the trail of the mysterious driver into the investigation

Sun, who was born in 1990, used to be an amateur racing driver and was responsible for transporting drugs in his mothers drug making gang. But because there is no evidence of suns crime, the local police have been unable to arrest him. According to the police, this sun is probably Dings online. After mastering this situation, the police decided to divide the case into two groups, one group continued to monitor Ding in Zhuhai, the other group went to Zhongshan to keep an eye on suns trend. And sun also quickly had action, according to the investigation police news, sun suddenly drove out of Zhongshan City, to Lianbiao village, Huilai County, Jieyang City, 400 kilometers away.

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: this village is a local drug disaster area. It produces methamphetamine in Lufeng. After production, it tries to bring it to the village and then through the village. It belongs to the distribution center.

Does the target suddenly disappear and detect being tracked?

LAN Biao village is known as a drug distribution center. After arriving here, the police became more cautious. After driving around the village to observe, suns car suddenly disappeared. For a while, everyone was nervous. Did the tracking police be found? So should we continue to crouch or choose to evacuate?

Tracking suns police: is this person, it seems not him (sun), but try with him, the color of the clothes is not right, he will not change so fast.

The police decided to stay on guard. It has been more than ten hours since Sun entered the village. The police are not sure whether sun came to pick up the drugs. When the time is more than 1:00 p.m., suns car finally appears. At the same time, there is a so-called probe car.

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: the so-called probe car is to see if there is a card point. If the police dont go out, after they dont go out, the second car comes out, and they contact with each other by mobile phone.

After the probe car appeared, sun also drove out of the village. Because sun was a racing driver, the police did not rush after him. Moreover, the vehicles driven by sun have also been modified. These vehicles are called chariots by them.

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: its said that this chariot, which is used for drug trafficking, has a real accident. If its really caught by the police, theyll drive into it. Its hard to stop. You have to stop one car. Four or five cars cant stop him. ????

In an instant, the vehicle driven by sun has been on the high-speed, whether to start intercepting now or not, and the police are making a decision to deal with the case. The police analyze that if there are drugs in suns vehicle, then Ding will go to him. In order to ensure the safe operation, the police decided to put sun back to Zhongshan City. When sun arrived at his residence in Zhongshan City, Ding came to suns house as expected, and the police squatting nearby rushed into the house immediately.

Arrest the on-site police: whats this? Whats in it? I hope you can tell the truth. Its our policy to be frank and lenient, to resist and to be strict. Whats in it? How much do you say?

After the capture of the two men, the police found a large number of white crystals suspected of drugs in a parcel inside the house.

Ice poisons were found on the spot. Micro samples are now dissolved in water. The three in one solution is used for dissolution test. Now the third package of drugs is packaged.

Who is selling drugs to wechat voice?

Police found 3kg of methamphetamine at the scene, but Ding refused to explain to whom the drugs were sold. By searching Dings mobile phone, the police found a woman without signature among his wechat friends, and their chatting voice aroused suspicion of the police.

In the chat records of the two people, the police found a large number of photos of the parcel, according to the information on the parcel. Police learned that Dings wechat friend, surnamed Zhang, lives in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province.

Police of drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: she and Ding are mistresses. After Ding was arrested in Guangdong, we learned that he was going to mail 3kg of drugs to Jiamusi.

At this time, Zhang, who is far away in Jiamusi, has noticed that Ding was arrested and is ready to flee. The police arrested him at Jiamusi airport.

Special express company for drug trafficking to evade inspection

After Zhang was arrested, the drug trafficking network centered on Ding was completely clear. Ding opened a special express company for drug trafficking to avoid inspection. Sun, who was responsible for transporting drugs, became Dings new drug source after his mother was arrested and sentenced. However, the investigation of the case did not end.

Ding uses express delivery to send drugs to his mistress Zhang, and sun provides drug sources for Ding. So, where does Suns drug come from? Like the bridge often appeared in the movie, just as sun was about to shut up, suns seized mobile phone suddenly rang.

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: (on the phone) say whether you want (drugs). Now that you have them, I will be a teacher for others. I have a lot of goods (drugs) in my hand. How many do you want?

Poison maker accidentally calls the police and puts them in the poison nest.

The name of the caller is Zheng, who is a poison maker. In the phone call, Zheng said he had a batch of drugs in his hands that needed to be sold. At this point, sun began to talk about his own online, this Zheng is his own poison source, he has a poison factory, each time the volume of shipments are very large. And this persons whereabouts are uncertain, there are many thugs around him, and guns in his hands. The task force is determined to kill the drug network in one fell swoop, so the first thing is to try to contact Zheng and ask him to come out.

Police of drug control group of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: our unit raised 2 million cash. If you want to control the delivery method, you can buy and sell with him (Zheng) as soon as you bring the drugs and I will give you the money.

After preparing two million cash, the police disguised themselves as a group of northeast drug traffickers. After several trials with Zheng, the two sides decided to meet at aoxia village, Aojiang Town, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province.

Peripheral deployment project team police: your safety is the first, do not over frequency, you must be in the effective protection of their own premise.

The police observed the surrounding environment of aoxia Village: there was no possibility of entering the car in that (Village). He (Zheng Yufu) didnt drive those two cars at all. He only went out by motorcycle.

After preparing various emergency plans, police dressed as drug traffickers took sun to Zhengs home in aoxia village to discuss the way and place of drug trade. This is also the first time for both sides to meet.

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: (Zheng Yufu) is very careful. The trading place is controlled in his village, and he will never come out.

The trading place chosen by Zheng was in an open area in aoxia village, with wide vision, so the special team could not deploy police force in advance. Police disguised as drug traffickers can only enter aoxia village again to discuss with Zheng, hoping to change the drug trading place.

Police of drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: he (Zheng Yufu) brought three people with guns. He wanted to force him to trade at the stage (aoxia Village) on the same day.

At this time, the police said that the cash is in the hotel, now go back to the hotel to get money, and then trade. After leaving aoxia village safely, the special group studied and judged Zheng again. Because Zhengs drugs were in urgent need of sale, he could negotiate with him about the trading place again. Therefore, the special group took the initiative to call Zheng.

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: lets tell him that you cant do this. The one-to-one deal we agreed on, you suddenly brought several people and guns. What do you mean? You have no sincerity. He (Zheng Yufu) said that he was most likely to transport methamphetamine from Huilai County to Huangbu town and asked me if I would go to Huangbu town for trading.

Huangbu town is more than 100 kilometers away from the aoxia village where the police are located. Why does Zheng want to stay close and far away? Police arrived at Huangbu town with the questions, but they did not see Zheng, but met Zhengs cousin, Zheng. Zheng was a fugitive kidnapped in 2002. There are several net escapes around, including Zhengs brother. When his brother committed a crime, there were fellow villagers. All run to his shelter.

Zhengs home is next to the mountain, and there are many turnovers around him. In order to prevent him from escaping after trading, the police made a peripheral deployment in advance. The battle is about to start.

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: when I came to his house, I talked with him about the drug trade with Zheng, and I met a northeast man named San Ge, who had bought two kilograms of drugs before.

The undercover plan was disrupted when a special person arrived with an unknown intention

The sudden appearance of the Northeast third brother completely disrupted the police plan. The police cant find out the intention of the Northeast third brothers trip. Its Zheng Mou de who came here on purpose. Do you want to test the authenticity of the police?

Because of the uncertainty of the intention of the three brothers, the police began to contact with the three brothers and inquire about the purpose of his trip.

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: he bought two times (drugs) before, the first time it should be more than 1kg, it should be true, the second time it was a fake discovery, the third brother came back to find Zheng, through Zheng, he contacted to return the goods, return them and exchange them. The third brother said to Zheng that he could not make it up in three days, or he would be the first to kill the last family.

Undercover set out the purpose of this trip and immediately changed the capture strategy

According to the three brothers, the drugs Zheng sold to him are fake. This time, he came to find him for accounting. Police are keen to capture that this is the best time to kill all the drug dealers. The task force decided to change its strategy, and after the third brother changed to real drugs, it would take over the entire network of Zheng, a drug-related gang. After determining the overall plan, the police began to contact with the third brother frequently.

Police of the drug control brigade of Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau: to judge what happened to your transaction that night, I think its a question of discount, the degree of goods, the real reliability and whether its real or not. The third brother is very cunning, because when he contacted, he never said where he was from and talked about the drug business, but there was no truth.

The task force sent two groups of police, one group followed the third brother, and the other group monitored Zheng. On the last day of the deadline agreed by the third brother and Zheng, the police found that the third brother secretly appeared in Zhengs home.

The investigator studies the direction of the third brother: there is no third brother on the main road. When you told me, I was at the entrance of the main road. I went up directly. Soon, we didnt see him.

After the third brother left Zhengs house, the whole person disappeared in the sight of the police. Police concluded that the third brother must have successfully changed into a real drug. After the deal, the task force secretly arrested Zheng.

After Zhengs arrest, the police immediately asked him where the third brother was, and then the police in Beijing arrested the third brother Lu who was preparing to return to Changchun.

The drug truck is about to pass through the toll station? The police are going to intercept it.

After interrogation, the third brother took the drugs and used the method of separation of people and goods to transport the drugs. At this time, he had hidden two kilograms of drugs in a truck. He learned that the truck with drugs would pass through the Maojiadian toll station of Liaoji Expressway in an hour, and the police immediately went to the Maojiadian toll station, successfully stopped the truck and found Lu Mous van. A package delivered by a driver.

Capture scene: the investigator checks Lvs package. Its all ice (drugs) and the video is all ice (drugs). There are no conditions at the scene. It cant be opened any more.

At the same time of drug search, Harbin police immediately contacted the police of many provinces and cities to arrest the offline drug-related personnel. So far, this major drug trafficking case across many provinces has been successfully solved. Criminal detention 18 people, seized methamphetamine and k powder, together is 10.3kg.

Source: editor in charge of CCTV: Yu changzong ufe63 nbj11145