Interview with Bi Wenjun: Scorpio man is still very good and trustworthy

 Interview with Bi Wenjun: Scorpio man is still very good and trustworthy

(an exclusive interview with Bi Wenjun at Langqin event)

Netease fashion: todays modeling mature gentleman, can you share with us the experience of collocation? What is the secret script for going out alone at ordinary times?

Netease fashion: plain face and stage make-up are super handsome. Which state do you prefer in your life?

Biwenjun: Thank you. Im sure I prefer plain face. Hahaha, boy, I think skin care is more important. Wash your face well and clean it carefully.

Netease fashion: whats the next hair color to be turned over by biwenjun?

Biwenjun: everything is possible.

Netease fashion: when do you feel most attractive?

Bi Wenjun: when singing on stage. I want to sing a song for you.

Netease fashion: when will you say I am too south?

Biwenjun: hahaha, Im too south. Its so cold today. I have to go to the airport in the evening.

Netease fashion: are you a typical Scorpio? For all of you Amway Scorpio boys.

Biwenjun: I should be a typical Scorpio. Actually, I dont know much about the constellation, but I think the Scorpio boys are very good. Well, they are trustworthy.

Netease fashion: is there anything memorable or interesting about playing Gao lengnans God Wei Chu in Lady floating fist? What is your private character like? What role do you want to try later?

Bi Wenjun: actually, its not very interesting, because when I first shot, I recited lines seriously, and I had to prepare to play. When it comes to deep memory, this is the first time I sing OST fist heart and fist meaning for the play I starred in, and also the first time I try to sing songs of this style. I think its very interesting. In fact, Im similar to what you see in private. Maybe its a little slow and hot. Im a bit chatty with familiar people. Ha ha ha. Because Ive photographed modern and ancient costumes, I really want to play a singer.

Netease fashion: is there a plan for a new song this year?

Biwenjun: Ive finished recording. Ive also recorded new birthday singles.

Netease fashion: next months birthday, how do you plan to celebrate this years birthday? Is there anything you want to accomplish?

Bi Wenjun: in fact, its estimated that most of them are still at work. They are one year older and hope to have a chance to travel with their families.

But the opportunity is really for those who are prepared: because they like to play Yo Yo and try to practice to get the first place in the game. Because of his love of singing, he was admitted to the Conservatory of music and made great efforts to succeed. Even because the variety show needs English, I try to make up for it in private and try to be the best. It is not without reason that he is sought after by thousands of girls.

He didnt change before and after his debut. Still full of enthusiasm for the stage, sincere communication with fans.

After work, of course, you have to eat to get a good skin.~

Cheer on the fans who are taking the college entrance examination~

He is a kind and considerate Bi Wenjun, and also a high demanding and perfectionist Bi Wenjun. Sister Yi hopes that he will get better and further. A good child should be expected in the future.

Source: Netease fashion editor: Xie Yi nq4682