Scolded by students for refusing to send an open letter denouncing the president of HKU

 Scolded by students for refusing to send an open letter denouncing the president of HKU

[global network report] after Duan Jingzhi, President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, was asked by students to send an open letter to denounce the police, Huang Yushan, President of the Open University of Hong Kong, was asked to do the same Wednesday. But unlike Duan, Huang did not agree to send such an open letter.

A group of students in black and masks left the Open University of Hong Kong to sit in silence and threaten to register in real name after the meeting was held today. Huang Yushan, the principal, and a number of senior school officials spoke openly with students outside.

Huang Yushan information map (source: Hong Kong east net)

Some students asked Huang Yushan to sit on the ground too. Huang Yushan refused and said, I believe you respect the elderly. Is it too much for me, who is over 60 and nearly 70, to ask to sit on the chair? Its just a humble chair.

Then the students asked Huang Yushan to send the same open letter that Duan had sent before. Huang Yushan said that we need to respect the rule of law. We cant agree with some unfortunate violence. We should oppose it, no matter what kind of violence, which is the purpose of our school. Did not agree to send an open letter condemning the police.

Another student said that Huang Yushan once served as the chairman of the Committee and called him a dog official. Tang Chuangshi, vice president of the Open University, immediately corrected: the president has not been an official, and the Committee (Chairman) is not an official, but an obligation. Huang Yushan said: the dialogue should be respected. You are a college student.

On Facebook, many Hong Kong netizens expressed support for Huang Yushans failure to comply with the students requirements?

Before that, Duan Jingzhi, President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, issued an open letter at the request of the students, saying nothing about the illegal violence of the arrested students, excusing the participants of the riot, but condemning the use of violence by the Hong Kong Police, which immediately caused public dissatisfaction.

On October 23, the Hong Kong Police Superintendents Association, the Hong Kong police inspectors Association, the overseas inspectors Association and the other police officers Association jointly issued a letter to President Duan Chongzhi, saying that as law enforcers, they cannot agree with you to allow students to participate in illegal violence and sabotage, nor to prevent it. Many people in the community also said that the Chinese University of Hong Kong has gradually faded into a Hong Kong Independence force against China and Hong Kong. The base felt helpless and sad.

The letter said that President Duans decision to bring the political conflict into the campus will definitely push other institutions of higher education in Hong Kong, and even the whole education sector, to a situation of no return. At the end of the letter, Zhouyi is quoted as saying, virtue is thin and respected, wisdom is small and strategy is great, strength is small and responsibility is heavy, which is rarely enough. The speech is sincere, advise Duan Chongzhi principal, please be careful!

The sharp contrast with Duan is Teng Jinguang of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. On October 27, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University held a doctoral graduation ceremony, during which two female graduates successively wore masks to the stage to express their political appeals. Teng refused to shake hands with them and beckoned them to step down. On the same day, Teng also said that there are serious differences in the current society, which is worrying. He urged all parties to strengthen communication, so that the violence in Hong Kong will disappear, so that the society can get out of the dilemma as soon as possible and restore the original order.

In addition, the University of Hong Kong has launched a joint initiative to press president Cheung Cheung to condemn the police. Zhang did not answer the students request, but reiterated his opposition to any form of violence in an email sent to all teachers and students of HKU. He expressed his concern about the rising social conflicts and violence in recent days and believed that there was an urgent need to exchange views in a peaceful and rational way.

Source: editor in charge of global network: Yu changzong ufe63 nbj11145