Why do poor women cadres in Yunnan get a lot of praise?

 Why do poor women cadres in Yunnan get a lot of praise?

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A poverty alleviation worker in Yunnan scolds the poor households by video exposure, and received numerous responses from the praised parties (source: Beijing News)

In the video, the cadre said to the poor: happiness does not come from opening mouth, reaching out, or standing on stilts at home! Take a look at the families who drive and live in big houses. Which of them is rich on the basis of subsistence allowances? Dont they all struggle out by their own hands?

Although some of the words are fierce, but the recognition is not low, many netizens said speak well and have a reason.

Why is this happening? The reason is worth saying.


The first question is: is the national policy for the poor good?

The poverty alleviation cadres in the video give the answer with their own experience: now the policy is getting better and better, the state will give back subsidies for returning farmland to forests, old people will have endowment insurance, sick people will have medical insurance, life will not go on, there will be subsistence insurance, building houses will give you subsidies.

Whats the effect? According to the research experience of daoshu in some areas, poor households are not necessarily satisfied. Those who are not poor are dissatisfied with the excessive efforts of poverty alleviation measures.

Why does this happen?

The reason is that in many areas, the gap between poor households and non poor households is not as large as we think. As a result, some poor households enjoy preferential policies and live better than non poor households. In contrast, the latters discontent is naturally aroused.

This happened in a village that uncle Dao investigated. According to the county government, the poor families who have been lifted out of poverty can still continue to enjoy policies such as Medicaid for serious diseases. As soon as the policy came out, those villagers who did not enjoy the preferential treatment of poverty alleviation were certainly dissatisfied and resisted by means of not paying the co production fee. This kind of unbalanced psychology of non poor households caused by contrast is very normal.

As the old Chinese saying goes, we cant save the poor in case of emergency. If the poor families are trapped in life difficulties by accident or misfortune, we should help them; if the poverty is naturally formed by the family development cycle, we can help them indefinitely, and probably only raise the wait and need lazy people.

This is in line with peoples common sense, community ethics in rural relief, and the most appropriate concept of poverty alleviation fairness and justice. In this case, if some poor households are not satisfied with the Poverty Alleviation Policies, do not cherish the work of the poverty alleviation cadres, or even become the master of the poor households, let alone the poverty alleviation cadres will be angry, and the ordinary people will not be too impressed.

Therefore, as soon as the words of hate iron but not steel of Yunnan grassroots cadres are uttered in the video, many resonance will be aroused.


However, this video is not only to arouse resonance and hate iron is not steel. There is also a more important issue - the ruthlessness of female cadres, which not only reveals the pain points of lack of endogenous power and equal dependence of poor households in the current poverty alleviation work, but also provides a referential thinking for poverty alleviation.

Whats the idea?

That is to say, poverty alleviation is also mass work. We should not only care for and help the masses, but also educate and guide them.

Since the war of poverty alleviation began, in order to obtain the support of the masses and avoid being complained by the poor households in the evaluation and inspection, the cadres in many places often avoid the work link of educating the masses in practice.

From this point of view, the poverty alleviation cadre of Yunnan Province saw the problem of waiting to be depended on by a small number of poor households, and pointed out and guided education in time, which is precious.

At present, the poverty alleviation work is facing the tough bones. Every solution to the problem of poverty alleviation in every household and village is like taking the next hill in a campaign. It is tens of thousands of poverty-stricken cadres who have spread all over the poor areas of the country. If we can stimulate their strength, give them more space to deal with flexibly, and prevent them from being bound by various forms and marking work, the poverty alleviation work will be more effective.


We know that the work of cadres in poverty alleviation is essential in overcoming poverty. The key point lies in the proximity to the poor and the mass work that can be carried out.

Mass work is not only a function word. According to the main crux of poverty alleviation, the mass work in poverty alleviation mainly includes three aspects:

One is to support the will in poverty alleviation. Poverty alleviation is a comprehensive economic and social policy, not a simple welfare policy. Only when poverty-stricken areas and poor households have endogenous power and hematopoiesis function can poverty alleviation really be regarded as a success.

In fact, in many deep-seated poverty-stricken areas, poverty alleviation projects are characterized by short-term, smooth and fast development because of the tight time and heavy task of poverty alleviation and the lack of time for local governments to make long-term plans. With the investment of intensive resources, a small number of poor households mistakenly regard the aid measures as government charity. Over time, the idea of waiting to rely on others has spread.

In this situation, the role of poverty alleviation cadres is to give the waiting to rely on the important people a slap in the head, so as to make them wake up and change from passive acceptance to active creation.

Second, the balance between precise assistance and inclusive policies. In order to solve the problem of low efficiency of flood irrigation poverty alleviation in the past, the current poverty alleviation work has designed a precise policy system centered on poor households.

In theory, precise assistance is conducive to improving poverty alleviation performance, but the practice is always more complicated than the theory. The policy of poverty-stricken households as the center has objectively led to the sharp increase of system cost when the national resources and poverty-stricken households are effectively connected. At present, there are a lot of waste of resources in the process of poverty alleviation, and formalism is also very popular. The basic reason is that the superiors need to ensure the effective use of poverty alleviation resources by means of procedures, norms and other forms.

But it is precisely at this time that the poverty alleviation cadres, as the people who know the actual situation best, can play an effective role if they have enough space for flexible disposal. They can implement grid management, greatly reduce unnecessary procedures and standardized expenditures, and reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of poverty alleviation.

Third, we should grasp the scale of poverty alleviation. China has a large population and unbalanced development, which determines that poverty alleviation is a normal work. For decades, the party and the government have been promoting poverty alleviation in a long-term, sustainable and planned way.

After a long-term efforts, the current poverty alleviation work has entered a critical period. However, can we overstate the position of poverty alleviation? The answer is that it can not be simply promoted, because it may lead to policy alienation. If the excessive poverty alleviation leads to the sense of social injustice, equal dependence, formalism and other sequelae, there will be endless troubles for the future rural work.


As mentioned earlier, when carrying out mass work, we should give more space to cadres who are working for poverty alleviation. What are the benefits of doing so? Lets give an example of our own experience in the research.

Once, when daoshu investigated a deep poverty-stricken village in the west of Hubei Province, he found that in order to make effective use of poverty-stricken resources, local poverty alleviation cadres decided that all poverty-stricken projects should be implemented by the villagers themselves. The results were surprisingly good. In order to save resources, villagers not only work hard, but also stipulate that there is no compensation for land occupation, and there is no complaint among the masses.

In fact, as long as the working space is given to the poverty alleviation cadres and they are not required by any rules and regulations, most of the poverty alleviation cadres can find reasonable poverty alleviation methods that are not only in line with the spirit of poverty alleviation, but also in line with the local community ethics. After all, those cadres who are closest to poverty alleviation are the ones who best understand the actual situation.

Therefore, we hope to see more examples of Yunnan poverty alleviation female cadres in the video, not because they accept the masses, but because they are doing real mass work, not only helping and relying on the masses, but also educating and uniting the masses. We hope that in the future more and more poverty alleviation cadres, like this female cadre, will inherit and carry forward the fine style of the partys mass line, do ideological work in the process of poverty alleviation, and help the poor in the process of ideological work.

Only in this way can we win the final victory in poverty alleviation.

Source: Xiake Island Author: LV Devon editor in charge: Yu changzong ufe56 nbj11145