Xiong Dahe and baldheaded Qiang come to soul hunting awakening x Fangs Halloween Carnival opens

 Xiong Dahe and baldheaded Qiang come to soul hunting awakening x Fangs Halloween Carnival opens

During the activity, bears large avatar will appear randomly on the mainland of Elantra, and three avatars will appear at the same time. Find them, and you can get Halloween special buff bonus. Get three buffs in total on the same day to get extra gift certificates and expeditionary expedition orders from Fang, and get the third buff at the same time. The top 10 players can also get an extra small bear gift.

Seven treasures secret will open, win Huawei mate 30!

In the distant past, Venters pioneering explorers left seven treasures in the continent of Elantra, all of which were buried with materials vital to Rangers. Although Xiong Da knows the location of the seven treasures, each one has a guardian and requires a special spell to open it. And this time, its also hoped to make these treasures come to light again and help the brave Rangers better fight against the giant beasts! Although the time of the existence of the treasure has not been refined, but from various traces, it shows that the magic words needed to open the treasure are hidden in the mysterious fun world of Fangte!

On November 2, the mysterious young ladies of the anchor group will embark on the journey to Fangte happy world to find the mantra to solve the ancient treasure. The activities include rare rewards: Huawei mate 30, customized handle for soul hunting, customized doll for soul hunting, limited ceremonial costume for activities, all-around cutting edge, awakened fruit, etc. enjoy looking forward to!

In addition, the official platforms of soul hunting awakening have also launched ticket delivery activities. Zhengzhou Fangte Halloween tickets are free!

You can participate in the raffle by paying attention to the official WeChat public number (WeChat search hunting soul awakening or wy_lhjx) and entering the word Fang in the menu bar.

In addition, official microblog (search for soul hunting awakening), official post bar and taptap (search for soul hunting awakening) all have ticket delivery activities, as well as opportunities to get gift bags and surrounding areas. Welcome to join the ranks of rangers of soul hunting awakening. Players can search soul hunting awakening in the app store and app store to download the game, or go to the official website (http://lh.163.com/) to download the game.