Yanyun platform raises the veil of mystery and Tang Yandou performs the grand legend

 Yanyun platform raises the veil of mystery and Tang Yandou performs the grand legend

The powerful cast with both beauty and strength has made several figures in the history of Liao Dynasty appear a corner of the iceberg. The clothing full of texture has opened the veil of the audiences imagination of the local customs and human feelings of Liao Dynasty. It is understood that in order to ensure that yanyuntai can restore the history to the maximum extent, the art, clothing and other departments of the play fully collect the relevant materials of the cultural relics of the Liao Dynasty and conduct field research. Most of the props in the play are recovered according to the unearthed objects of Qidan tomb; the etiquette group is designed according to the records of Liaoshi and related documents to ensure the maximum possible reproduction of Qidan etiquette system.

Yanyuntai is based on the great history of the early and middle period of the great Liao Dynasty. It has been established from the beginning of its creation that the principle of respecting historical facts should be adhered to. The play is adapted from Jiang Shengnans novel of the same name. The original work is not only selected into the list of 25 Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China themed online literary works and 2019 excellent online literary original works jointly recommended by the State Press and Publication Administration and China Writers Association, but also selected by Zhejiang Writers Association to be shortlisted for the 10th Mao Dun Literature Award. Jiang Shengnan, the author of the original work, is responsible for the writing of the play. In the process of creation, he spent a lot of energy to study the history of Liao Dynasty and related materials, and re created on the basis of fully understanding the relationship between the characters and respecting the historical facts, which not only guaranteed his loyalty to the historical facts, but also unfolded reasonable artistic fictions in details and connected the story with complete logical chain.

The strong cast and professional and rigorous behind the scenes team can see the determination of Yanyun platform to bring high-quality works to the audience. Jiang Jiajun, the director, has shot the new version of ancient costume dramas, such as the story of relying on heaven to kill the dragon, the myth, and the new version of the legend of shooting and carving heroes, which are loved by the audience. He is especially good at grasping and reproducing the magnificent scenes of ancient costume dramas. Zhao Jing, the art director, created scenes and pictures with strong visual impact in the works such as Banquet, no thief in the world, assembly number, etc., and Huang Wei, the modeling director, also impressed people with her costume modeling in the works such as biography of Chu Qiao, small times, the story of sea herding clouds and great future. The professional behind the scenes team is dedicated to escort and try to restore the surging history for the audience.

The legendary ancient costume TV series Yanyun station will be broadcast in Tencent video at that time. Please pay attention.