Your circle is as deep as the sea. Pgone response and Li Xiaolus indecent video

 Your circle is as deep as the sea. Pgone response and Li Xiaolus indecent video

Specifically, I dont know where they came from, just to mention these two videos:

The first section is from the perspective of two peoples self filming. Pgone holds Li Xiaolu closely, while Li Xiaolu relies on him and has close interaction!

This movement, this intimacy, there is no need to say more about the relationship.

At the beginning of watching this video, gourd eating netizens all think that the two are really good after the storm of public opinion? For a long time?

However, careful Netizens found that the BGM release time used by the two in the video was actually April 2018!

Moreover, the mobile phone model of pgone in the video is suspected to be XS or xsmax, and the release time is September 2018!

And the night gate incident between Li Xiaolu and pgone was exposed in January 2018!

Some netizens said: I cant stand it! Please come out and clarify... (MA Su once sent a document to clarify for Li Xiaolu and pgone)

Then Ma Su said...

Well, do you know anything? Who can remember 17 years? Who hasnt got a little secret yet?

Who hasnt silly white sweet a time?

OK, lets see another video next!

This is even more exciting!

Two people wear a couples sweater.

At the beginning, it was quite normal to do a series of card point actions in a neat and uniform way.

Then its exciting! The two not only made love action, but also directly kissed!

This frame by frame, also really cant P!

Before return brother and sister-in-law, this sells miserably, the face all hit swollen!

OK, lets watch the third video.

Li Xiaolus hand is touching the chin of the suspected pgone, and then the two hold each other tightly. It seems that they have a good relationship.

Think about it carefully. During the pgone game, Jia called him in person, swiped gifts in the live room, and even took him to Sanya to play.

Jia Nailiang cried one by one, but never thought that his good brother and his daughter-in-law had gone to make hair together!

Alas, love is bright, love sweet.

But just when the netizens exclaimed, pgone sent a response!

He said that the video was shot in March and April last year (the eyes of melon eaters) and that he stopped all his work after the exposure of night gate in December 2017.

But make it clear: I and Li Xiaolu encouraged each other to carry the darkest period when they were in the most painful time, and they did have feelings! (thats after the incident, huh?)

Here is the full text

Text version:

In this statement without a paragraph distinction, we read his anger in pgones 17 question marks and 12 exclamation marks:

1. The video was in March and April last year.

2. The previously disclosed articles were written on behalf of others (not related to me or Li Xiaolu);

4. After the incident, my voice was all invalid. Now even the video that had not been sent out before has been exposed! (implying that it happened after the previous refusal);

6. I admit Im wrong, but no one knows. I didnt kill people or set fire. Do you want to kill me?

7. I will continue to do music. If you dont like it, please turn me off!

Well, if I dont get it wrong, pgone is saying that he and Li Xiaolu were secretly operated by someone and have been targeted since the incident.

But are you sure its acceptable for you to hook up with or be cheated by a married woman?

No one has ever questioned your mistake, but you still dont know where you are wrong.

Life ah, the most important thing is to know what is the bottom line!

And you dont seem to know...

Source: Qu Yidao, editor in charge: Liu Xiaonan, nbj10630