Big scam! The victims of post-90s manipulation of false Hang Seng futures suffered heavy losses

 Big scam! The victims of post-90s manipulation of false Hang Seng futures suffered heavy losses

Relevant lawbreakers exploit resources by blind adding wechat, group texting and other means, and take the forms of fraud such as showing false profits, providing false capital allocation, inducing victims to frequent transactions under high leverage, resulting in serious losses of victims funds. It is worth noting that the vast majority of the case related personnel are post-90s, all of them have been punished for this.

Corporate operation

From February to July 2017, Yin Yonghe falsely claimed to be engaged in Hong Kong Hang Seng index futures fund allocation and trading business under the name of Hong Kong Zhonghui group, recruited employees in the form of company, set up headquarters (Sichuan Zhongheng HuiFu Investment Management Co., Ltd.) in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with Finance Department, logistics department, lecturer department, business department, single department, etc. Department, and in Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenzhen and other places to set up and develop more than ten agents (including headquarters business department, No. 10001-10007, 10010-10016, 10018) such as Chengdu huiriyang expansion direct business company in charge of Zhai Changsheng, and entrust Chengdu Ziniu Software Technology Co., Ltd. to develop huishibao website with functions such as opening, recharging, cash withdrawal, etc., and upload huishibao Hengsheng index futures for delivery. Easy system installation package for download.

In terms of division of labor, other personnel participate in the website construction in red name and are responsible for the technical maintenance of huishibao website and trading system. Ji Wei helps Yin Yong contact Zhang Kan and ran Qiang to use the business license and other information of e-commerce Shenzhen Fengsheng Micro Technology Co., Ltd. purchased on the Internet, and establish a third-party payment platform for Yin Yong and others through e-payment technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The defendant, he Li, is the anchor of the live broadcast room of the headquarters, responsible for the coordination of the operation of the live broadcast room of the headquarters, the agencies and the direct operating companies and the statistics of the customers in the live broadcast room; the defendant, Luo Xiaolin, is the anchor of the live broadcast room of Chengdu Huiri central expansion direct operating company, responsible for the maintenance of the live broadcast room of Chengdu Huiri central expansion direct operating company and the statistics of the customers; the defendant, Jin Xulan, is the financial staff of the headquarters, responsible for the transfer of the companys funds and the headquarters. Salary payment for business personnel. The victim opened a certain fund into the personal accounts of Jin Xulan, Su Meiyan, Zhang Juan and other defendants under the actual control of Yin Yong and others through the third-party payment platform on huishibao website.

In the way of obtaining the target customers, the direct company and agent company purchase a large number of anonymous mobile cards for the salesperson to register wechat and QQ numbers to pretend to be teachers, assistants and customers, and illegally obtain the mobile phone numbers of unspecified groups. The salesperson adds them as wechat friends, or sends the wechat registered by the salesperson to unspecified groups through group SMS. Send (internally known as play resources), from which to find customers willing to invest in stocks for the purpose of committing crimes. After that, the salesperson pushes the link to watch the live broadcast room to the customers under the guise of recommending and analyzing stocks, and introduces the customers into the established network live broadcast room and wechat group. In the live broadcast room or wechat group, lecturers, defendants Zhou Mingwei, Gao Peng, Wang Xingang and others in the lecturer department use false identities to act as senior stock analysts (internally referred to as teachers) to analyze and recommend stocks. Salespeople use multiple virtual identities to impersonate customers (internally referred to as trumpets). With the cooperation of teachers and trumpets, teachers timely launch Hang Seng Index Futures to victims. Trading, trumpets cooperate with each other to tout teachers and send false profit screenshots, to trick victims into trusting teachers and believing that trading Hang Seng index futures can earn money.

Trading platform and capital allocation are all fake

After the victim is lured to open an account on the website of huishibao to enter into the so-called Hang Seng index futures trading, the victim is once again pulled into the trading and exchange group of huishibao Hang Seng Index Futures, and the salesperson uses the virtual identity to impersonate the customer within the group, and a special person plays the role of a senior Stock Analyst (internally referred to as teacher) to take the bill.

Under the mutual cooperation of the teacher and the salesman, the victims are cheated to place orders frequently by means of making orders with customers, sending false order information, sending false profit screenshots and so on, and the victims are falsely provided with 6 times of capital allocation. The victims are forced to close positions at a fixed time every day, and the victims are frequently traded under high leverage, resulting in high handling fees and serious losses of the funds invested by the victims. And to achieve the purpose of illegally occupying the victims investment funds.

After the victim is defrauded, the headquarters (Sichuan Zhongheng HuiFu Investment Management Co., Ltd.) shall, according to the performance of the defrauded clients, distribute commission to the lecturers, direct companies, agents, etc. of the lecturer department according to the corresponding proportion.

In fact, as early as 2017, someone posted on the Internet, revealing that huishibao futures trading encountered evil and deliberately set up a malicious tamper.

Victims serious loss

Many responsible persons were punished

The above-mentioned fraud caused serious losses to many victims. Take the case of Chengdu Huiri central expansion company (No. 10004), from February to July 2017, Zhai Changsheng, the manager of Chengdu Huiri central expansion company, Zhang Zheng, Liang Wenfeng, the business manager, Yu Jie, Zeng Yuhao, Yang can, Yang Chi, Gong Tiantian, Liu Yang, Xiong Tao, Li Yulong, Yang Peng, long Xiaotian, Li Junjie, Li Zhengyu, Pan Jun and others, with the cooperation of Zhou Mingwei, the lecturer and defendant in the lecturer Department of the headquarters, used the above-mentioned crime mode to defraud the victims investment funds through huijibao platform.

According to the appraisal of Sanmenxia Zhonghe certified public accountants, Chengdu huiriyang expansion direct operation company totally defrauded the relevant victims of RMB 1.4867 million.

In addition, from February to July 2017, the business department of the headquarters (No. 10002, a direct operating company) defrauded Liu and other people of RMB 3.9586 million in total, and the agency company (No. 10005) defrauded Wang, the victim, of RMB 1.1629 million.

According to the violation of the law, the court investigated the responsibility of several relevant personnel according to the crime of fraud, among which Zhou Mingwei, the defendant, was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to seven years imprisonment with a fine of 70000 yuan; He Li, the defendant, was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to four years and six months imprisonment with a fine of 45000 yuan.

In response, Zhou Mingwei, he Li and other people appealed, and the defense of the defender proposed that the original sentence was too heavy. However, the court held that the reasons for the appeal and the defence opinions put forward by the Appellants and defenders could not be established, and finally decided to reject the appeal and maintain the original judgment.

It is worth noting that in recent years, for illegal securities and futures behavior, regulators have maintained a high-pressure situation. In April this year, a spokesman for the CSRC said that the so-called over-the-counter capital allocation platforms do not have the qualification to operate securities business, some of them are suspected of engaging in illegal securities business activities, and some of them are even suspected of engaging in illegal criminal activities such as fraud by means of virtual disks. The CSRC attaches great importance to the over-the-counter capital allocation in the capital market, unswervingly crack down on illegal over-the-counter capital allocation, and resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of investors and the normal order of the capital market.

Source: responsible editor of Securities Times: Zhong Qiming