Vietnam will send a working group to Britain to help verify the identity of the victims of the truck tragedy

 Vietnam will send a working group to Britain to help verify the identity of the victims of the truck tragedy

Sulin was the same afternoon with the British Home Secretary pretty Patel on the British truck tragedy telephone made the above-mentioned statement. In a related announcement, the Ministry of public security of Vietnam said Sulin said in the call that the Ministry of public security of Vietnam has been working closely with the British side on this matter. In view of the urgency of the task of verifying the identity of the victims, the British side is expected to support the work of the working group.

British ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward said Wednesday through the social media account of the Embassy that the British investigation is continuing and relevant British officials have promised to cooperate with Vietnam.

Vietnam has handed over information provided by 14 families seeking missing relatives in the UK, the foreign ministry said Tuesday. Pei Qingshan, Deputy Foreign Minister of Vietnam, had previously said that the British side had transferred the materials of four of the 39 victims to Vietnam to verify their identity.

British police found 39 bodies in a container truck in an industrial park in Essex, southeast England, Tuesday. Police said that the truck was registered in Bulgaria, 19 by the Welsh port city of hollyhead into the UK, the container is from Belgium.

British media: three trucks carrying more than 100 Vietnamese and two completing the task

The identity of the victims of the British frozen truck case is still uncertain, but more and more Vietnamese families report the case, fearing that their relatives have been killed in the truck. Foreign media reported yesterday (26) that there were more than 100 Vietnamese in 3 trucks in the whole team.

Integrated Sky News, the independent and other British media reported on October 26 that families of suspected Vietnamese victims said the containers found 39 dead were part of the convoy, with a total of three trucks. They believe that more than 100 people have been brought to the UK by trucks.

Two of the vehicles were believed to have completed the mission, but the third vehicle carrying the victim was delayed at an unknown location. However, the final destination of the other two containers is not clear.

39 corpses in British van police: focus of body identification investigation turned to Vietnam

Continue to follow the case of 39 bodies found in a van in Essex, UK. On the afternoon of the 26th local time, Essex County police held a press conference, saying that they have received reports from Vietnamese people about their missing relatives. The police will keep close contact with Vietnam in the future so as to continue to investigate the identity of the victims.