Chile announces cancellation of APEC and climate conference due to violent March

 Chile announces cancellation of APEC and climate conference due to violent March

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Chile, regarded as an example of the development of Neo liberalism, decided to cancel the APEC leaders informal meeting and climate conference to be held in the country after several days of riots.

According to CNBC on October 30, Chiles president Daniele Pinera announced the news in a televised speech.

The decision to cancel the meeting is due to the increasingly violent demonstrations in the country.

Pinera said Chile should focus on how to rebuild public order, ensure public security and social peace, and promote relevant agenda to respond to public demands. Its a very difficult choice, he said. But its also wisdom based on consensus.

Prior to the announcement of the decision, Pinera mentioned that he had spoken with a number of foreign leaders and informed them of the cancellation in advance.

Asked about the cancellation of the visit to Chile, a White House spokesman said, we do not know. Ill find out.

According to the original plan, the APEC leaders informal meeting and the climate conference will be held in Santiago, the capital of the country, in November and December respectively.

According to the information on the official website, the theme of the conference is connecting the people and shaping the future. It will focus on the digital economy, regional connectivity and the role of women in economic growth.

Chiles president announced the cancellation of APEC

The Chilean model behind the riots

The civil unrest in Chile, initially caused by a small increase in the price of subway tickets in the capital, quickly expanded into widespread protests against social injustice. Chiles government last week extended the state of emergency to cities across the country.

Despite Pineras promise of a new cabinet, the move did not quell violent demonstrations on the countrys streets. Demonstrators returned to the streets on the 28th and demanded that the president himself resign. At least 20 people have been killed in demonstrations, according to Chiles latest official data on the 28th.

Cui Shoujun, columnist of, said that Chile, as a model of economic prosperity and social stability in Latin America, suddenly fell into chaos. Behind the chaos, we can find deep structural problems hidden under Chiles superficial prosperity.

Chiles riots broke out again on the 28th, screenshot

The Chilean model that brings prosperity to Chile does not go beyond the scope of neoliberalism. It is a political and economic development model that follows the concept of Western neoliberalism. In essence, it is privatization, marketization, democratization and liberalization under the guidance of neoliberalism. Under the guidance of Neo liberalism, the Chile Model opposes the states intervention in the economy and advocates the economic operation model of privatization and marketization, while the government only needs to play the role of night watchman.

However, there are some inherent defects in the Chilean model, which does not really eliminate the social disadvantages and promote social equality; on the one hand, the Chilean model fails to get rid of the common social inequality problems caused by neoliberalism; on the other hand, the economic development model that fully follows the consensus of Washington is conducive to improving efficiency to some extent, but as a late developing country, it lacks effective government. The guidance of resource curse has not been able to get rid of in the industrial structure.

Cui pointed out that peoples livelihood is always the biggest politics, and the biggest drawback of the Chile Model lies in the failure to properly handle development issues. Fundamentally speaking, Chile has not got rid of the chronic disease of Latin America, and its seemingly bright economic growth has not got rid of the dilemma of growth without development.

Source: Author: Qi Qian editor in charge: Yu changzong, Niu nbj11145