Sorting out the childcare experience of smart sister

 Sorting out the childcare experience of smart sister

u258c for girls, breaking the gender restriction is breaking the more choice restriction. Id like to thank my parents for not mentioning such requirements as girls are too tired to do this job or girls can find a stable job or girls want to get married earlier. So when I grew up, I saved a lot of costs to break the gender self psychological barriers. When I realize it, my communication with them will change. For example, when I was three years old, I asked to go home and tell me: boys wear blue clothes, girls dont wear skirts, girls wear pink clothes, girls wear skirts. I told her very seriously: ask, boys and girls, can wear all colors of clothes, as long as they like to wear. Boys can wear skirts, too. After this conversation, I was told that she would wear black clothes to go to kindergarten in the morning. Before that, she was a little girl who liked to wear pink. I thought it was her nature to like pink, but later I realized that she was influenced by this kind of communication, and thought that she should wear pink as a little girl. In my heart, I was shocked by the influence, thinking of Beauvoirs words: women are not born, but created. So when choosing to ask about the project of habit cultivation and learning, the first starting point is to go to gender. Girls are not only suitable for learning to draw, dance and play the piano. They are not necessarily playing with dolls and family. They can also like playing with dinosaurs, planets and robots. As long as she is a member of human beings, she can learn all the things that human beings show interest in. Another point is that we must take physical training and participation in competitions as our daily habits, which is a great wealth of our life. My body was white and soft when I was in primary school. I became a sports enthusiast under the guidance of my PE teacher after I was in middle school. The self-confidence brought by these basic and physical improvement has continued to this day. So I asked about Taekwondo, swimming and football. When she chose, I encouraged her to participate in these sports and experience the happiness of these sports. Let these joys also be written into her childhood memory.

u258c let children set their own goals, and experience the feeling of making choices and decisions. In the habbittracker form, the task option on the left is not for me to make all decisions, but also to participate in decisions. When I recall my childhood, I can also recall the joy of my own decision-making moments and the pain of being forced to choose by my parents. Whenever I asked her to select a project, I would ask her again: have you decided? Is this your choice? When asked, Ive decided. I hope that when I make all kinds of important choices, the question of the future will also come up with I decided. This sentence and what it stands for. Only when she realizes that its herself, not her choice, can she be responsible for her choice. This is really an important moment in life. Also, I found that I couldnt avoid adding my life experience and likes and dislikes to the guidance of giving questions. I found that some of the things that I dont think are in the goal, its also important to ask, and should be done every day. Ask yourself, for example, about tasks that include learning to identify rhythm cards every day. From my point of view, I think this skill and learning time are optional, but ask myself that I attach great importance to it, and I will be very happy to tick after finishing every day. So let children define happiness, because people have different definitions. As me, I can only define my happiness and should not interfere with others happiness. The essence of life is to find your own happiness, and then pursue it.

u258c what parents are good at guiding their children is exactly what they are good at. In the habbittracker left side project, there are piano, rhythm card, alphabet, number, painting, story telling, swimming, etc. Of course, all of these daily projects are to cultivate the habit of small accumulation, and also because I want to ask to find talents or interests from it. I dont have the talent of music at all. Facing the piano, I cant do anything. I need the piano teacher to come to teach me. Every weekend, she also takes part in the painting class. She likes to go. But she likes me to communicate and draw with her the most, and the results are also the most remarkable. In painting, I think asking has experienced the flow of time, which is the wealth throughout the whole life. Therefore, I also think about the problem that in this world, the education of parents to their children is absolutely unreserved and one-to-one according to their childrens situation. In the past, we used to say that children inherit their fathers work. It seems traditional, but it is the most efficient education mode. What parents are good at guiding their children is exactly what they are good at. Whether this field has the idea that this industry is too hard for parents, children should not do the same industry with me or not, there is a probability that children will be significantly higher than the average level. The self-confidence and competence brought to children by this skill can be enjoyed for a long time in the future. So Im going to teach her more about the painting Im good at, and she will surely make the fastest progress. This interest has nothing to do with whether the skill of painting can be used to make a living, whether it will be hard, and how much it costs to learn art.

u258c we must play with our children. We cant perfunctorily. Mr. Ye and I have another item on the left side of habbittracker, called accompany to ask. Its necessary for parents to teach by example. They want their children to do what they want first. They want their children to become people first. This is the truth, no need to repeat. But its so depressing to be a child who always pays attention to rules, grades and manners. These are my bad memories of childhood. Its my turn to be a parent. I think parents should not only identify with the role of educators, but also be participants and Experiencers in childrens growth. Whats more, when I asked, I found that adults are only born earlier and experienced more, but they are not superior to children in terms of the pattern of looking at the world. Follow the childrens eyes and look again. The common beauty, ugliness, rapidity and stratum in the adult world will be reorganized. It is beneficial for adults to participate and experience with children. A lot of times we say to accompany children. If we dont invest in it, its all fake company. The children also know that you are fake company. So when we play together, we should first substitute ourselves into our childhood. The game your child is playing at the moment is just as important to her as the event you are doing, so no matter how naive you think the game is, try to enter the state of playing games when you were a child, and join in the experience game together. I will knead a plasticine with my heart, build a group of building blocks, and make up a story of our fantasy characters together in the process. I basically use all my skills every time. When we play, we have to take care of the house of plasticine and building blocks together. Im afraid that the work will be damaged and I think its very valuable. At this time, we will feel that we are really good friends, experience the same story, have the same aesthetic, understand each other, and connect with each other.

u258c keep emotional stability and make it a habit. Actually, as a parent, we can add a project silently on the left side of habbittracker: one word, steady. I remember when I was a child, my family always had tranquility when it came to big things and small things. In fact, my family was tranquility itself. But my father is too strict. Its not good. I think my father is not satisfied with me all the time, which makes my movement at home not easy. But I started my own business later, and this stillness has become a positive quality. So I decided to use it in my family, but I wanted to improve it into a relaxed element. It is very important for children to feel that their parents are not panic, anxious, depressed or angry. Everything is about atmosphere, especially at home. When something happens, demonstrate a reaction inertia of facing it first and solving it later: its not a big thing - let me think about it - Ive found a way. When a child loses his temper and patience, your response is also very important, because the mainstream communication tone of your family will lay the tone of her future communication with others. Parents are also human beings. When they cant control it, go to habbittracker and have a look at it. By training people to deliberately calm down and actively think about countermeasures, they can help a person grow into a leader and decision-maker in the future. But this leader and decision-maker are based on my own wishes. I have no very specific expectation for the future of asking. Of course, I hope that she can obtain the dignity and freedom of being born and living a life according to her own wishes. Of course, the first is not true. The second is based on my ability to protect and support her. This ability goal is reversed. Its decided that I must first be a person with stable emotions and able to control the situation. It can be seen that every child, including the former me and the current questions, has no choice for the original family. The original family is doomed. We will start from here, with the good and the bad, in our own growth and even in the growth of the next generation, have the opportunity to correct all this. Whats important is that every day, every point, we are deliberately correcting and gradually getting closer to our goal. Sowing motivation can change behavior; sowing behavior can harvest habits; sowing habits can cultivate personality; sowing personality can control destiny. u2192 3 steps of parenting concept in this stage (ask 6 years old) u25cf refine your body, cultivate your exercise habits, and adapt to the sports competition u25cf basic skills and general knowledge development conform to the normal rhythm u25cf widely contact with all kinds of hobbies. Once talent is found, guide as early as possible. There are two points to guide. The first is top-notch teacher, and the second is 10000 hours. The complete theory can be found in the book the alien.

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Ask the August habit of forming the habittracker form. Now ask yourself what you plan to do at the beginning of each month (in her own language), and do the marking on your own initiative every day. Now I feel that in the long run, the ability to set goals and accomplish them day by day is more important than what I have learned. If there is any experience in parenting, it is my greatest experience.

I dont know if there is a fathers powder reading the article today. After all, the education of children cant be all on the mother. The Father also plays an important role in the growth of children. Before that, Mr. Ye (asked his father) talked about parenting in an interview on a program. He edited the text version for you.

Q: how to accompany children? A: the most important thing to accompany a child is to be with her. I am relatively familiar with all the courses, including where she is every day and what she is doing at every time of every day. I have a schedule for her on the computer. I will give her a small task when I come home in the evening, such as doing some English corners with me, doing crafts with her, drawing and so on.

Q: how to balance work and children? A: first of all, I think in the process of growing up, she needs parents to accompany her very much. The idea has always been to provide a warm family for her children. I will try my best to take her children to all her extra-curricular classes, and study or play with her every night, so that she can feel that her father plays a very important role in her growing up. A very good example.

Q: talk about the education concept for children a: I think the most important thing is to hope that the child can become herself when she grows up. If she has any hobbies, she will develop and cultivate in which direction. Like other growth options, parenting is not absolutely right. It is to demonstrate and guide a basic way of working for children. Generally speaking, she is your inheritance, and her values are preconceived. She has a great chance to move closer to your life style. Whether parents can learn from each other depends on the similarity of the living methods. #Say what you want: talk about your own parenting Philosophy#