What did those who lost touch on weekends do?

 What did those who lost touch on weekends do?

Its really beautiful, miss.

Next is the southwest team. If your Sichuan partner doesnt reply to your message in time, dont worry. Shes probably studying what to eat. I love her. How about you?

The breakfast activity held by Chengdu book club is very interesting, and then there is Zhongling Yuxiu Jiangnan area. No one (leader) can bear to break this rare time.

Tea tasting & reading activities held by Nanchang Book Club

The hard-working northwest people may have finished running when you are sleeping in. If someone tries to catch up with an Aksu girl, it must be considered clearly, because they are all roaring at the start of 10km.

Aksu took the opportunity to run the group for four years. He has organized numerous running activities to look eastward. Last week, Xs bookstore launched a flash. Then he saw Xian book club Weibo recently, and found a rule: please choose a bookstore when dating the people of Xian, probably not to be rejected.

Next, lets walk into the south. If you just met a little friend in Guilin, please dont talk about rice noodles with him anymore! Guangxi is a big province of talented athletes. Isnt it good to talk to them about international competitions? Cant you count the number of female fans? (is there any recommendation for delicious rice noodles? Online, etc.)

Next, lets go to North China. Our little partner in Tianjin loves to learn. From body management to calligraphy to cash flow games, our little editor has not followed the class, and has gone to buy two Jin of hemp in anger.

The northeast is really strong, running for more than 40 kilometers, and there are all kinds of fitness and swimming training greetings, but I seriously doubt that Changchun can only be a little sister with good design and good-looking, from the activities to the members appearance are too excellent...

The best way to describe a Shanghai girl is to use it.

The picturesque activity in Xuzhou has been a lot recently, and many people have participated in it. Anyway, I cant count them. Xuzhous partners can join in, and Xiaobian only has the share of envy...

Well, the space is limited. Its just the tip of the iceberg for family activities in different places. If I want to see it, I will also consider the second issue. In other regions, the activities of Book Club & running group are also very wonderful. Small partners in each region can leave a message: early + region + activity, I will help you to the wall. Students who always pay attention to the early should know that there are early reading clubs and running groups all over the country and many overseas regions, and more and more regions and small partners join in every year, so you are also welcome to join the early family in your own region, find a group of like-minded people, and work hard together to live vividly.

In charge of the body. Hope to become a city, let a group of tacit partners who have never met run, exercise and sweat together, so that sports are no longer lonely.

Reading early is in charge of the soul. Help everyone find each other, learn and encourage together, do meaningful things, and share improvement. In normal times, the members of the reading club run group will go to work and school as usual, but on weekends, they will find organizations and things they love and devote themselves to the flow of heart. Its like two parallel lines. They dont interfere with each other and keep moving forward. See here, havent joined the small partner is already looking forward to rubbing hands? Here is the way to join. Here are a group of interesting souls waiting for you. #Participate in the way to send your favorite or frequently done things on weekends to shapeyourlife backstage in the form of words or pictures. You can collect the time from Oct. 29 to Nov. 4. Yesterday, I tweeted the list of winners @ Yi | @ Meng Su | @ pangolin carrying pangolin B | @ Yu Lei Yulia | @ e congratulations to the 5 students on the way to get a new book great me by Chen Haixian. Please give your name + phone + mail. The address is sent to the background of the public address.