Chen Qing Ling: Bo Jun and Xiao CP reach the top, taking a view of the barren mountain and being taken by fans

 Chen Qing Ling: Bo Jun and Xiao CP reach the top, taking a view of the barren mountain and being taken by fans

Finish the super topic of Bo Jun Yi Xiao, and then we must talk about the final result of Chen Qing Ling - green mountains do not change, green water flows for a long time, and there will be a future. Wei Ying knows that Lan Zhan wants to be the immortal governor. He knows very well and will not stop. At that time, they made a wish together to eliminate traitors and support the weak, worthy of heart. At least LAN Zhan can do it. Whats Wei Yings regret? So he chose to roam the world alone.

At that time, LAN Zhan was still asking, where are you going? Anyway, as long as we know the whereabouts of Wei Ying. No matter Wei Ying comes back to find him or he goes to find Wei Ying. However, Wei Ying overestimated himself. He is so poor, LAN Zhan will not support anything. Small apple may not be able to walk out of this mountain area, so the strike will not move forward. No apples, no light.


Anyway, the finale doesnt worry fans. Wei Ying is blowing the petition all the time. Is the petition breaking? Someone is shouting Wei Ying behind his back - there is no one but LAN Zhan. After all, jiangfengmian is long gone. Hearing the familiar call, Wei Ying put down his Chen and slowly turned around. Then he laughed so happily. Some people said that Wei Ying saw blue Zhan in his eyes.

Yes, Wei Ying is Lan Zhans life, and LAN Zhan is Wei Yings light. I dont care what other people say, and I dont care that the ancestor of the devil kingdom written by Mo Xiang and Tong Chou used to be a dream of LAN Zhan. I firmly believe that Wei Yinglan Zhan will meet again. Then, no matter in the dark clouds or in the company of night hunting - will not be separated, is not separated. It doesnt say every day, every day has other meanings for forgetting envy.


Today, I went home and saw that the petition made me take a view of the barren mountain and get out of the way by fans climbed up the hot search. A barren mountain in Duyun, Guizhou Province. It was set here in Chen Qing Ling. The scene of Wei Yings blue Zhans separation passed here. A large number of fans came to punch in the cards, but they just walked out of the way. Seeing the clearly visible mountain road, Wei Yinglan Zhan and fans walked by. In this way, inadvertently the same box.

Some celebrities said: maybe it was the grass-roots people rushing by, or wild boar and wild elephant rushing by. Whatever. Go to it. I see too many photos of fans punching cards on the Internet. Of course, there are so many photos in the sun, and even fewer ones are not in the sun. Lu Xun said: hope does not matter whether it is originally or not. This is like the way of the earth; in fact, there is no way on the earth, and when there are many people walking, it becomes a way.

As long as we are willing to believe - so good!