Courtship, CANDLE & accident: curve digital unveils the mystery of the simulated dating game table manners

 Courtship, CANDLE & accident: curve digital unveils the mystery of the simulated dating game table manners

This dramatic experience makes people feel that they are controlling a romantic who is eager for love. The only problem is that you just cant control your hands and make disasters all the time. Players will be pushed into the most embarrassing dates theyve ever been on, from hamburgers to a glass of red wine for a date, with every move full of danger and joy.

Everything in table story must interact directly in a 1-to-1 way, and players must control their shaking hands to leave happy memories for their date. The more successful your date is, the more mature your dating skills will be, and then you can unlock more stories.

You will enter more complex dating places, each of which has its own unique game mechanism. Whats more, potential dating partners will be impressed or miserable with your dating skills.

In table tales, all potential partners are programmed, so you never know who will be sitting opposite your table.

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