The movie nine lives released posters to recreate the tragic history

 The movie nine lives released posters to recreate the tragic history

Qin haozhong, commander of a company of Sichuan army, the protagonist of the movie nine lives, is played by Song Yu. The company commander, who is resolute and loves soldiers and cherishes people, leads the disabled soldiers to fight hard in times of crisis to ensure that the positions of Sichuan and Sichuan are not lost, and finally dies bravely. Other Sichuan army members Xu Laogui are played by Zhang Li, Zhang Liangcai by Qin Kun and Guan Fei by Wang Ting. Each of them has different characters and characteristics, but they all show the tenacity and perseverance of the Sichuan army. In the years of war, because of national hatred and national peril, they were closely gathered together. After the Anti Japanese War, they regarded death as death.

Li Youbin continues to play the role of a soldier in the movie nine lives. This time, acting as Mr. Xu, we can see from the posters that his eyes and wrinkles are full of drama, deep, sharp, city-level, and there are thousands of words under his sad face.

In the movie nine lives, Jiang Chao also changes the humorous image in the past sitcoms and challenges a very clever character. I wonder if he can hold this huge contrast and subvert the inherent impression in the audiences mind? I can only know if I go to see the film after it is released.

Although there are not many female characters in the movie nine lives, they play an important role in the development of the plot. Actress manly from the Lao Legion is played by Hao Xingqi. She made a living by dancing, but when the war spread, she resolutely chose to take off her red dress and change into a military uniform, and fought against the enemy and the enemy together with all the soldiers. Women are not allowed to be men.

The movie nine lives strives to use real images to reproduce the tragic history of blood and fire. While remembering the revolutionary martyrs, it also shows the national spirit of the Chinese peoples positive, indomitable and heroic struggle. It also hopes to inspire todays young people to actively participate in the great journey of new era construction, which has far-reaching significance.

Han Mei, Yu Gui and Gu Liang are the producers of nine lives, fan Jianchuan is the general consultant, Han Yongjun, Liu Hui and Lai lianger are the consultants, Xiang HuaQuan, ouyangbi, fan Deshun and Yang Xiong are the general planners, Xu chuantong, Chen Shengwei, Xu Mingming and Wang Xiaoping are the directors, Zhang Guoping is the producer, Qian Lujie is the director and writer, Song Yu, Zhang Li and Hao Xingqi are the leading actors, Zhang Zhenhua, Zhang Haoran, Yin Yuanzhang, Qin Kun, Bai Jianing, Jiang lunchao, Huang Chenglin, Zhang Kang and others, specially starred in Li Youbin, Wang Ting, Jiang Chao, friendship in Qi Deliang, Zhou Weixing, Zhao Zunan. This year, the film is expected to land in all major theaters.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)