Yichuan rural commercial bank was run! The rumor was detained the chairman of the bank was investigated

 Yichuan rural commercial bank was run! The rumor was detained the chairman of the bank was investigated

A rural commercial bank in Luoyang, Henan Province, was centralized by depositors to withdraw money. Today, the run has just subsided. It turned out that there was a female rumor that the bank was going bankrupt. The police also reported that the bank was detained for five days according to law.

At the same time, Kang Fengli (LI), former Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Yichuan rural commercial bank, was investigated.

Yichuan Rural Commercial Bank

According to the local county Party committee and government, please dont listen to rumors and spread them around. Yichuan rural commercial bank is a legal financial institution approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission.

County Government reminds depositors not to listen to rumors

To this end, the county Party committee and the county government issued a special circular, pointing out that Yichuan rural commercial bank is a legal financial institution established with the approval of China Banking Regulatory Commission and an insured unit of deposit insurance of the peoples Bank of China. The deposit is guaranteed. It is the banking financial institution with the most business outlets and the largest capital scale in the county. It has strong assets and good management. All the interests of depositors are protected by the state law. Protect.

Please dont listen to the rumors, and dont withdraw money blindly, so as to avoid the loss of personal interests, the circular said.

An online queuing ticket for personal business shows that when the banks branch gets 1490 and the user for personal business needs to wait for 419 people to handle the business, there are many people queuing at the banks gate.

A staff member of Yichuan rural commercial bank said that in the morning, suspected of being affected by false statements, the banks outlets had centralized withdrawal of deposits by depositors, which caused great interference to normal business processing, and the order has now returned to normal.

Luoyang Central Branch of the peoples Bank of China responds to the centralized withdrawal of depositors: Yichuan agricultural commercial bank operates normally

The announcement calls on depositors to be able to deal with the above time rationally. The regulatory authorities will also take effective measures to support Yichuan agricultural commercial bank to operate in accordance with laws and regulations and protect the legitimate rights and interests of banks and depositors.

Internet users were detained for 5 days

On October 30, the Public Security Bureau of Yichuan released the information report that the rumor maker was detained for five days in accordance with the law for disturbing public order due to fictitious facts.

According to the report, on October 29, 2019, Wang Yuyan (female, 29 years old), a netizen, fabricated and spread false information such as the agricultural commercial bank is going bankrupt through wechat group, confusing the public. On October 30, Wang was detained for five days for disturbing public order due to fictitious facts.

Kang Fengli, former Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Yichuan rural commercial bank, accepted discipline examination and supervision investigation

What happened behind the scenes?

According to the upstream news report, in the evening of October 28, a main person in charge of Yichuan agricultural commercial bank was taken away by relevant departments for questioning. After the news spread, depositors panicked, which triggered a run. There are online Posts reflecting Kang Fengli, chairman of the bank, involving loans, rebates and other aspects.

Fund Jun also noted that on October 30, the Discipline Inspection Committee of Xinxiang City reported that Kang Fengli, the former Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Yichuan rural commercial bank, was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, and was currently undergoing discipline review and supervision investigation by the discipline inspection Committee of Xinxiang City.

According to public information, Kang Fengli, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Yichuan agricultural commercial bank, was born in November 1965 in Yichuan County and a member of the Communist Party of China. It has certificates of senior economist, senior political engineer, registered senior consultant, Registered Financial Analyst (level I), registered credit analyst (CCRA), etc., MBA of Business School of peoples Congress, MBA of Open University of Hong Kong, master of management of Tsinghua University - Australian National University, doctor of Business Administration of Beijing Normal University - Philippine National University. In June 2004, Kang Fengli, then 39, became the president of Yichuan Rural Credit Union.

In addition to the Secretary and chairman of the Party committee of Yichuan agricultural and commercial bank, Kang Fengli also served as the member of the Standing Committee of Yichuan County Peoples Congress, the deputy of Luoyang Municipal Peoples Congress, the supervisor of honest and clean government of Luoyang political and legal system, the supervisor of Luoyang security Committee, the peoples supervisor of Luoyang peoples Procuratorate, the vice president of Luoyang Charity Federation, the visiting professor and masters supervisor of Business School of Zhengzhou University, and Zhengzhou aviation industry management. He is a part-time professor of the school of economics and trade, director of Henan poverty alleviation foundation, and executive chairman of the financial elite Association of Shanghai Jiaotong University Overseas Education College.

In addition, Kang Fengli is an artist.

As a financial worker, he holds many titles, such as senior economist, visiting professor, honorary president, director of Henan strategic society, director of Chinese calligrapher and painter Association, and executive director of Hong Kong Chinese Artists Association. He is very indifferent to these empty jobs. He believes that no matter in work or study, the most real self is to work on the ground and make achievements step by step. So over the years, during the day, he worked hard for his work, and at night, he closed his door to thank the guests. In his Stone Man hall, he studied ink and books, and enjoyed it. Kang Fengli wants to work and study. He was very tired, but he told reporters that when he was tired, he was also full and happy!

Because of his outstanding achievements in rural financial reform and development, Kang Fengli has successively won the annual figures of Chinas economy and finance, one hundred outstanding figures of Chinas rural reform, credit entrepreneur of Chinas moral construction, May 1st Labor Medal of Henan Province, labor model of Henan Province, enterprise culture award of Luoyang economic figures, hundred star figures of harmonious Luoyang Construction, the fourth outstanding youth health of Henan Province More than 30 major honors, including scholars, Luoyang industry leader, top 10 financial leaders in Luoyangs first circle, were interviewed and reported by more than 20 important media and honored as rural financial reformer.

According to wind data, Kangfengli (LI), the largest shareholder of Yichuan agricultural commercial bank, holds more than 10%.

Source: responsible editor of China Fund News: Liu songju nbj9949